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The Tale of Two Debates-Obama vs. Romney 1

Having not being able to view the Obama-Romney Debate live and in person, I subjected myself to hearing the recap from pundits, commentators and those experts who seem to have their finger on the pulse of the political events shaping our world.  According to them, I half expected to see Mitt Romney as an aggressive overseer, holding a whip and taming both Barack Obama and the moderator Jim Lehr.  The vision I had was Romney’s complete command from beginning to end and Obama just standing in a corner somewhere refusing to look in Romney’s direction in fear of being lashed for disobedience.  However after watching it in it’s entirety, the debate that I saw was completely different than the one I had heard about.  This made me begin to questioned if I had witnessed a completely different one.

The one that I saw, showed me how gracious Obama really is toward someone he disagrees with.  It showed me that he could deliver a devastating and direct hit to his opponent but not to the untraine…