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The Christian Way to Solve Conflict

Experts of all kinds have their own ways of trying to solve the world problems and the harder they try the further behind the problem we seem to end of up.Many say because the roads to settling conflicts are bulky and complicated.Well I disagree; my thought is conflicts of all kind can easily be settled by following the word of God.A small piece of my argument is below.
The Middle East Conflict centers around what the Israelites want and what Hamas say they deserve but it goes much deeper than that.Neither will ever be satisfied if they were able to get everything that they desire, why because their opposition to each other has nothing to do with policies, procedures or ideology. It is simply a misguided romance with material things and nothing more.Same can be said about the Religious Right in this country and the ignorance of both parties which govern our nation.It’s about who is more powerful and more influential and yes also the same simple misguided romance with material things.Th…

Hurricane Sandy-An Act of God or Arrogance of Man

Before we really get started here, first please allow me to offer my thoughts and prayers to those most affected by Hurricane Sandy whether directly or indirectly.We all stand together as brothers and sisters to offer any support that we can from physical labor, to donations and yes even in spirit.Having said that let me now complete my obligation to the purpose of writing this.

Hurricane Sandy, like many other natural disasters are sometimes called “an act of God” for insurance purpose as well as to help many explain why it took place.I find myself questioning that logic now more than ever because I have been exposed to a different point of view.I awoke this morning with a burning desire to pen this article and I cannot honestly tell you why.All I know is that when I get a calling such as this one, I am compelled to follow it. And so here we go.

When God first turned this world over to Adam and Eve, it was perfect.Its abundance was here for all of us to share in and no one would need t…

Mitt’s Motivation for Letting Detroit go Bankrupt

Many have asked the question of why a Presidential Nominee would ever think about not supporting the backbone of this nation, it’s middle class.Not many have offered an answer to this dilemma that is until now.

Imagine being conditioned and educated that industry knows best of how to make a countryman rich and getting there by your own sweat and tears is not the most productive of ways to accomplish this feat.We look back at the history of Mr. Willard Mitt Romney and we find a gentleman who has been blessed with the ability to lure people to his way of thinking from the time he took a bunch of fellow students with him to give one of their classmates a haircut to the time where he created a company designed to acquire, break up and sell off failing companies while making a pretty good profit for all those following his lead.He had discovered a legal way to rob from the poor and give to the rich.This aggressiveness made him one of the most successful business persons in his era and made …