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Are the Illinois Department of Children and Family Services Guilty of Kidnapping with an Assist from the Winnebago Sheriff’s Department?

Late August 2011, my mother was informed by her granddaughter, whom shall remain anonymous and does not reside with her, was reporting being abused at her home.Now this family, being so tight-knit, was quite surprised at this news.We automatically began to check out her story to find out if any of it was true.We soon learned that the incident did not happen but we did learn that there were a few issues we as a family needed to address.We learned to better spot a call for help by our children and we educated ourselves on what we could do to help them through this phase.To some, this information would have broken the family but to us, it only served to make us stronger.That was until the Illinois Department of Children and Family Services (DCFS) got involved.
Early September, my mother received a phone call from an individual saying that she was the supervisor of one of the investigative specialist assigned to this case.At first it was quite a jolt to hear them attempting to educate a si…

This is how money has taken control of our politics and our elections

Republican National Committee (RNC) offers Political Action Committees (PACs) “access to top RNC leadership throughout the Convention and an opportunity to network with other Fortune 500 Companies and Trade Association executives,” for a fee.The fee is “a contribution of $15,000 to join the Majority Fund for 2011 and making an additional contribution of $15,000 in 2012.”The two year membership commitment opens PACs to access to “four credentials and two hotel rooms in Tampa.”
What does that really mean and how does this prove how money has taken control of our politics and election?It is quite safe to assume that any entity that pays this much to have access to our political representatives will eventually get something in return.No one will pay this much and get nothing in return.This contribution promises contributors a “Grand Majority Fund status and will be invited to attend and receive premier credentials to special events at the 2012 RNC Convention.”It is also quite safe to assum…

TLC’s “All-American Muslim” must be doing something right

One of the most remarkable things about any nation is often times, its history and not its people.What makes the history remarkable does however depend on nothing less that its people.The people who refuse to learn from the past and repeat it as often as they can ignore that times and situations changes.Nothing proves this more than the uproar coming from the TLC show All American Muslim and the advertisers running for cover.
According to Dylan Stableford’s article titled “Another company pulls advertising from TLC’s ‘All-American Muslim’“On the heels of a controversial decision by Lowe's Home Improvement to pull its advertising from TLC's "All-American Muslim" following protests from a conservative group, another company has decided to do the same--though it claims it was not because of the backlash.In a letter of apology to customers, an executive at, the online travel site, explained the decision to stop advertising on the new reality show.The decision of…

Fox News further derails GOP’s Claim

We all have heard the GOP’s constant claim that raising taxes on the “job creators” is why they oppose any movements to decrease unemployment and get the nation back to work.In the beginning many had come to believe it and support it but lately the public is waking up to a different realization thanks in part to the exposure of this myth by National Public Radio (NPR).John Stossel felt compelled to step up and save this lie but only managed to bring on further damage to the claim.
Mr. Stossel, who made a name for himself by investigating those stories other journalist was afraid to touch.He made his name by refusing to accept things as they seemed and kept digging until he got to the truth.He was a very trusted journalist for those of us who are less interested as to what was being reported by the lesser journalist and more interested in the real story.I remember having to stop what I was doing when Mr. Stossel made his report because it would always prove educational.That was then and…

This Christmas may be less about Gifts and more about Opportunity

Being a single parent, I can really feel the anguish many parents may endure this holiday season when it comes to not having the finances to put anything under the Christmas tree or even have a tree this year but while thinking about that, another thought entered my mind.What if this event is happening for another reason, what if this is an opportunity for all of us to get back to the real meaning of Christmas.
In a well-written article by Phil Wahba and Martha Sanchez-Avila for Reuters titled Poor struggling, rich spending as Christmas nears, it was reported that “Adriana Garcia won't be buying her family Christmas gifts this year.The 26-year-old from Huntington Park, California lost her job as a teacher's assistant last year and now works part-time at a Jamba Juice near Los Angeles.Her husband, a security guard unable to work since hurting his hand three months ago, is not yet getting his disability checks. The couple spends on the basics: food and rent.Kelly Lenehan, a 40-ye…

Arab Spring spreads to Moscow

Nataliya Vasilyeva of the Associated Press pens and article titled Mikhail Gorbachev calls for a new vote in Russia in this article she writes that “Russian authorities should annul the parliamentary vote results and hold a new election, ex-Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev urged Wednesday as popular indignation grew over widespread reports of alleged election fraud.Thousands of Russians have rallied in Moscow and St. Petersburg in the last two days, facing off against tens of thousands of police and Interior Ministry troops. Gorbachev told the Interfax news agency that authorities must hold a fresh election or deal with a rising tide of discontent.Sunday's parliamentary vote suggested Russians are tiring of Putin and his United Russia party, which has dominated all other political forces in Russia for the past dozen years and earned a reputation for corruption.”
If her reporting is correct, does this not sound quite familiar?The people are beginning to feel more and more embolden as…

The Return of Tiger Woods

After watching the Chevron Tournament featuring Tiger Woods first win in a very long time, one begins to wonder if this is the turning point to where we will now begin to see the best golfer in the world retaking his place in the history books.
Personally, I say that watching him during this tournament makes me think that the commentators and analyst might just have a point but a part of me is still a little apprehensive because of the fear of disappointment.Not disappointment in in personal life because no one should have to live up to the standards set by another but his performance on the course.I saw a Tiger Woods on the final shot at the 18th hole that I haven’t seen in quite some time.I heard a Tiger roar and saw a Tiger strut.I liked what I saw and it makes me want to follow him closely so that I may see that again.
I submit that if the Tiger who showed up on the 16, 17 and 18th hole shows up and plays all week, America might just be in the for more spectacular hits like he has p…

Fulton County Sheriff’s Deputies make 99ers Proud

A story by Staff reporting that Fulton County sheriff’s deputies refused to evict a 103 year old woman and her 83 year old daughter should remind us about what this nation is really about.It is not a nation of greed but a nation of each for another.No one will stand in anyone’s way of making a better life for them and their families but failing to see people instead of profit should demand a loud cry from all of us.
The story reported that “Fulton County Sheriff’s deputies and a moving company hired by the bank showed up at Vita Lee’s Penelope Road home on Tuesday, according to a report on when the men saw the frail woman, they opted to leave instead of carry through with the forced move.” Nothing says more about the strength of this nation than that.While it may be true that those ordered to carry out this task did not do their jobs, it must also be said that true and sincere convictions of a people is not and will never be for sell.
There will be plenty of time …

Politics in Education

Throughout the years, many have seen our educational system go from the best interest of the child to whatever policy suited those in charge best.Knowing that rules need to be made in order to prevent any possibility of favoritism, I stand with rules that make sense but as time moves forward so should the rules we abide by.
One main rule that requires changing is the rule where decision of suspension and expulsion are made prior to notification of parents.Image being told that you child has been suspended or expelled offering parents no role in participating at all.Many educators say that parental participation in a child’s education can make a world of difference but how many parents are really involved when decisions are made without their input.
I do not have a problem with policies that say if a child commits one offense or another, they will have to suffer the consequences of suspension or expulsion but to make that decision only to have that child miss vital school days before a c…

How Did I Get Here

It’s been 49 years and I still can hear the laughter, the taunts and sneers of children my age teasing me for being on Welfare.It didn’t matter that my mother was challenged to raise ten children single-handily or the quite clear fact that I was not able to choice to what family and to what situation I would be born to.Honestly the memories were only whispers until Newt Gingrich reminded me with his comments of poor children cleaning the school bathrooms and mopping the floors.The arrogance of those who believed as a child and now as an adult that getting financial help from the government was nothing short of charity and making all those who receive it lazy.I used to think that way.
I had made up my mind that I would never beg the government for help and this also made me quite defiant to asking anyone for help.As I think back now, I believe that this has served me well.I’ve paid very close attention when it came to learning something new every day.I’ve made it a ritual never to just …