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Could Egypt’s new Found Unrest be American Engineered?

I ask this question because of the recent news accounts of the current unrest going on in Egypt. Many are blaming the Obama Administration and while they may be right, I believe that there may be another explanation which no one is reporting.

Take for example my time line.John McCain and Lindsey Graham were both in Egypt prior to the recent charge made by Egyptian Police and this curfew put in place by the Egyptian military.History tells us that these two men, among others, have always been more about saber rattling than diplomacy.Both have made it an art form to shoot first and ask questions later.Could this unrest be the result of them sent to ease transition but placing an American burr under the saddle instead?

It is reported that the Vice President of Egypt has resigned over the actions not being diplomatic but forceful instead.He believed, as those in the President Cabinet believed, that a peaceful solution could be reached without violence but lo and behold, violence was the call…

The Perception of Equality

Living in these times, the question always surfaces as to why many of us have a very hard time seeking and finding equal treatment or equal justice.Some rationalize that it is all about money and others say that it is because we refuse to fight for it as hard as those who came before.It may be a little bit of both but one main ingredient that exist but seldom verbalized is the perception of equality and how it affects all things that we come in contact with.
First let us describe what we are talking about.The perception of equality is a trait but not one which is genetic.It is a trait that we all can possess because it is what I call a teachable trait.Basically the perception of equality is believing that the world and all that’s in it is equal.If you perceive that all is equal, you do not feel the need to get involved or see what all the fuss is about.If you see the glass as half-full or a partially equal society, then you lean more toward fixing those inequalities and reinforcing tho…

Why we prefer a Lie over the Truth and how it can kill any Relationship

We prefer a lie over the truth because it is easier to deal with.That lie then begins to infect the very foundation of any relationship because once it is accepted; you have to now justify it each and every day.You have to remember that lie word for word and express it the exact same way, with the same emotion and expression that you used the first time or it will be discovered and everything you said or did after that will now be questioned.The lie was just supposed to be a quick fix and not a permanent solution to an immediate problem but what now happens is that lie becomes the one and only reason for your downfall.
So why do we prefer a lie over the truth, because a lie gives us a chance to re-invent ourselves and challenges our ability to be creative.Even though we have to repeat it the same every time, the challenge of doing just that feeds our ego and transform us into whatever we see ourselves to be at that very time.The truth scares the crap out of us because we believe that i…