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The War At Home

Recent Congressional Actions have been played in the media as a sign of what certain groups of Americans think and believe about another.I speak to you today about the recent very deep cut in Food Stamps or the SNAP Program.To many it may appear that it is no big deal and in their minds and hearts they are justified in their hatred toward those who collect this service.To the quiet majority of those who accept this form of assistance, we keep our head down and hope that no one learns that we are the ones that those who see it as a “hand-out” will not see our names on that list.We quake at the thought that those who see recipients as “takers”, lazy, worthless, drug dealers, scammers or cheats, will look at us with those accusatory eyes and label us the same, that all we have accomplished so far in life will be wiped away and the memory of all the good we may have done will be forgotten and replaced by this scarlet brand.Well I hate to be the bearer of bad news, Congress members, Corpor…

Recent Events Harkens us back to Revelations

In The Book of Revelations, it is written that a new king will arise and this new king will bring the people together with their new ways of believing.Their actions will make all those who may have strayed from the group re-think and re-connect because finally the group will be saying and doing the right things.
I call your attentions to the recent words of Pope Francis who has now taken reign of the Catholic Church and spreading the feelings of good will and grace all over the place.He might not have changed the policies of the Catholic Church on their stances like abortion, gay marriage and the use of contraceptives but his actions, thus far has gone a very long way to bringing back all those who left before.Not to mention the recent revelations from the new president of Iran President Hassan Rouhani who has been discovered as exchanging letters with President Obama and saying things like no nuclear weapons in the country and yes, even the new ruler of Korea is making efforts to brin…

The Aftermath of the Navy Yard Shootings

Everyone is now running around trying to find a way to stop these shootings but as we have spoken about before, you will never completely erase evil.All you can do is get up every day and fight evil where ever you can find it but even this is not the real lesson of the Navy Yard shooting.
The real lesson and results will be even less and less of minorities getting government contracts and clearances.When the Navy learned about the shooters issues and failed to correct the problem, they laid the ground work for many more former veterans who wish to acquire small businesses and get government contracts to be denied for no other reason than mistakes made early in life especially if they are black.Think this is nonsense, watch very carefully in the on-coming days and you will find that this is not a figment of imagination.
During my formative years, I made many mistakes and even after service, there were times I did not exercise appropriate judgment, because of this and the Navy Yard shooti…

Which is worst the Claim of Birtherism or the Claim of Just Lucky?

Many of us have heard some say over and over again that the president should never had been allowed to run because he was not born in the United States.We have heard this for so long that many of us quickly ignore those who say that not because we do not wish to face the truth but because we are not insane enough to allow truth to be formed into a lie.Now, one of my favorite people of Washington, Chris Matthews said on his show “Hardball” that it could be just the “luck of Obama” that is why this president is successful.
Both of these ideas share one common thread.That common thread is the illegitimacy of Barack Obama.The birth conspiracy means that his parents had to foresee that he would be running for president in order to make sure he could win which means manipulating the announcement of his birth and paying to have a false birth certificate created.The problem with the lucky argument is it assumes that this president does not possess the intelligence to outsmart his opposition.It…

Navy Yard Shootings offers another chance to get this right

Many people are asking several questions and some are so far off the mark, it’s comical.I heard a commentator mention the security procedures at the Navy Yard as a reason the shooter was able to get in.This is comical because anyone who believes that security measures will stop the evil that is rampant in this society is asleep at the wheel.To address the evil of this world, there is only one place we have to go and that is to our knees.Evil will only be eradicated once we are willing to face the fact that evil exist.
Some use the spectacle of those Colorado senators losing their sea after being recalled when they pushed “common sense” gun legislation through their congress.This is laughable because they fail to see the entire story behind those lawmakers losing their jobs.First allow me to inform and educate you that those jobs were not those law makers to keep or lose.They were hired to do a job and they courageously did it.It was the voters of Colorado who failed.They decided to sta…

Catalyst of Nation Division powered by Media

I say so often that many refuse to admit that media plays a really big part in keeping this nation divided as all other factors reported on.Media seeks division because it sells and when there are no blow-ups, media can be found to light a few fuses or their choice of those they interview.
CNN choose Donald Rumsfeld to get his opinion about the Syrian airstrike.Donald Rumsfield, are you kidding me?Knowing that he would say something to get someone heated was a “no-brainer” and would continue to help sell their brand.Major known newspaper now publishing an OPED authored by Russia President Putin as if what he has to say is in any way of the slightest importance to the American public.
And not let us forget how now the media seems to also be playing games with this administration, giving them something to complain about regardless of which decision or any decision he makes.Case in point, the same journalist who complained that this president did not act fast enough regarding Syria is now …

Why the GOP is failing to remain Relevant

The number one reason why the GOP is failing to remain relevant is “lack of leadership”.John Boehner, Eric Cantor and even Mitch McConnell seem to lack the ability to handle two things at once.The GOP is vital to the health of this nation and we are in dire need of having at least two parties who may disagree how we get to a place but both agree on the need to be there.This nation needs the yen to the yang, the left to the right. We need two parties that are willing to sit down and discuss all points of the argument, coming up with decisions that serve this nation as a whole.
We do not have this today and if those in the leadership positions do not get a pair and begin leading their party, this nation will suffer much more than it already has.The party leadership could finally decide that this nation is more important than their jobs and put all those angry voices back in the can and on the shelf.The evidence of how strong the Tea Party is supposed to be does not match with reality and…

Barack Obama-Peacemaker and War-Monger in Chief

When President Obama received the Nobel Peace Prize, millions of people began to look at him as weak and many thought that their mantle of Keeping America Safe was safe.That was until his first major test of the pirates taking over an American Ship and holding the captain hostage.The normal workings of other countries were to negotiate with the pirates, give them what they wanted and get back their ship and personnel.That was until Barack Obama stepped to the plate to take a swing at that ball.
To many surprise, he ordered the killing of those holding that captain hostage and in the end not only got back the captain, crew, ship and cargo but made all those dreaming to one day become a pirate in that region quickly choose another line of work.Somali Pirates used to be in the headlines almost daily until they picked the wrong ship and the wrong president to test.
Next came the Osama bin Laden raid where many had spoken tough about getting him but no one cared to make their promises a real…

Counties’ Cutbacks Costs more than Money

If you are like me, you probably haven’t though much about the current rage of budget cuts.You typically may not even care or be aware unless you fall into the category of being effected by them.For many of us, we are so far “behind the eight ball” that anything else bad that happens in our lives is just chalked up to the old adage “oh well”.Not this time.
James Fuller, a reporter for the Daily Herald in Kane County, wrote an article titled “More than 1,000 Kane County DUIs not reported to state” and Brenda Schory, a reporter for the Kane County Chronicle wrote one titled “Thousands of DUI records from Kane County under review”.Both these article covered how the Circuit Court Clerk’s Office failed to perform its job by transmitting these records to the State so that its records would reflect if requirements to maintain or lose your license had been met.Needless to mention that hundreds of those who completed every action required to keep their license is now being informed by the Secre…