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All Human Beings have a Super Power

Every single human being regardless of where, when and to whom we are born, possess a God-given super power.  While this super power is evident and dwells within us all in the same exact and identical manner, it is the honing, the harnessing and the mastery of it that allows us to shape and know when to exert this power.  We and we alone control this super power because it is a part of us, a vital part of the very essence and spirit of who we are.  While others possess this same power they will come to realize that they cannot control, manipulate or direct the power of others.  This failure to control, manipulate and direct other’s power appears to be one of the main causes behind the frustration and the anger which comes when we finally are forced to accept it. 
This super power encompasses every aspect of our lives from the simple and mundane tasks to monumental discoveries and enormous achievements.  This super power is sculptured by the knowledge we obtain as we live, breathe and …

A Broken Justice System-The Fox guarding the Henhouse

The American justice system was designed so that all who attend would receive a fair and balanced judgment.  All would get fair and balanced treatment but like all other things man tends to control and screw up, so goes our justice system.  It does not begin and end with the cops on the beat nor does it begin and end with riches being the primary resource necessary.  It simply begins and ends with those in authority failing to remember that justice is blind, that all are innocent until proven guilty and that all deserves the same amount of respect as those in charge demand.  It simply begins and ends with those at the top.  If the boss is setting an example of intolerance, then those under him/her are also going to develop that way of thinking.  To lead by example is the primary ingredient necessary for a decent society and the true mark of a leader.  Not having it means that fixing this system was died long before it was even born.
In an article titled “‘Birther’ judge accused of maki…

Reforming the Justice System must begin at the top

Talk to anyone who is familiar with our current justice system and many will point you toward reform but that is typically as far as the conversation goes because those who seem to care still are not sure how to go about making the change.  Some strongly suggest starting at the bottom where crimes are committed and those committing those crimes come in contact with the system but all that is mostly done there is a change in the law or procedures.  While this is and could be a good thing, it does not go far enough to make those abused by the system whole and no amount of money will ever return another’s lost dignity and self-respect. 
Once you are arrested, you immediately have a record and nowhere in the remnants will there ever be the outcome of your case.  A bad arrest will show on your record just the same as a good arrest, so now the dreams, aspirations and goals of someone who were abused by the system are just as tainted, stained and tossed as someone who was well aware of their…

The Evil that Men do

Americans are quick to try and point out just how wonderful we are as a country and how the example we set to the world should be followed without question but what we forget is that America never started out that way and it only became what it is today from those who were of influence and authority, finally choosing to learn from history so as not to repeat it.  The width of history is great and it expands over billions of years.  In order to achieve a more perfect union, those of us willing must be courageous enough to take apart our history and restore it one piece at a time.  History is far too vast to fix in one setting which is why it takes generations upon generations to pick up where the previous generation left off.  One clear example of this is discrimination.
We are well aware of the history when it comes to slaves and the plight of Native Americans but what we may not know or realize is that African-Americans and Native Americans have something in common that no other group…

The Demonization of a Nation

Since the beginning of time, man has always separated themselves into categories.  These categories were defined by those making the separation and seemed to always amount to them placing the group to which they belonged as higher than all the rest.  This idea is borne out by history beginning with the mentions within the Old Testament of the Bible about the Pharisees and Sadducees as those with whom God only speaks and the words or rules that they expound should never be questioned and seen as coming directly from God.  It is borne out by even Moses writing within the Bible that only those from the tribe of Levitt can be called as priests and it continued  with the Native Americans, the slaves, the Irish, the Jews, women and so many more groups of people not viewed as equal.  This kind of thinking still remains prevalent today and has even been documented and made true by our past, present and current history books.
This idea allows evil to make us think that the rules they have made …

You want to know what is really wrong with America, we are

For as long as I can remember, people are always trying to figure out and pretend to fix what is wrong with this country.  None has ever been successful nor will we ever be, simply because the thing wrong with America is us.  We will never be successful because we lack the drive determination and balls to fix that one entity that can make all our problems disappear and our entire suffering end.  We lack the intestinal fortitude to fix ourselves.
We eat the same things, we dress the same way, we go to the same places and then we wonder why nothing much changes in our lives.  Many move to a different city, buy a different kind of car, find a different set of friends but we still can’t understand why we seem stuck in the same rut.  It is because we do not wish to bother with the one change, if made, that would make these other changes irrelevant. 
We change our hairstyles, we change our demeanor, we change our clothing, we change our over-all look and we still wonder why that one thing th…