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Carrier Deal more of example of Hostage Taking than Corporate Welfare

It doesn’t take a “rocket-scientist” to figure out that a major mistake has been made in the recent presidential election and that ow the fear of America being totally ignored and its reputation severely damaged by the choice of over 62 million people and over 500 on the Electoral College board.  The current rate of temperament being demonstrated by President-Elect Trump has begun to have a reverse effect even upon our market-driven system.  If this trend continues and Americans are spending more time making excuses for his lack of knowledge and protocol, soon world leaders will begin to over-look any statements, advise and even warnings coming from Washington or in this case New York.  The recent economic crash may prove far easier to recover from than the damages this may do to this country we all claim to love so much.
Notwithstanding the other massive misfortunes of the in-coming administration stands a very clear example of a world leader speaking before thinking.  In an article t…