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Our children’s dreams are the first to go for politicians who claim to care about their future

Ed Schultz’s heartwarming apology

Last night I was very surprised to hear Ed Schultz’s address to his TV audience about how he had misspoke on his Radio Show.  Not being an avid listener to his radio show, I had no idea what he was talking about but to listen to the words he spoke and the body language and expression on his face told me that he was very sincere in his apology and that made all of the difference in the world.
There was not much explaining of the situation in his apology but it was a whole lot of truthful pleading to Ann Coulter for forgiveness.  He mentioned that he called her a name and expressed feelings about her that was totally inappropriate.  He placed himself on hiatus without pay attempting to atone for his transgression.  He had mentioned that he had made attempts to contact Ms. Coulter personally but so far, to no avail.  Ed Schultz is seen as a big man but mostly due to his statue, he will now be forever known to me and others like be as a big man for the way he took responsibility for his ac…

The Take-A-Way from the New York 26th Election results

The ineptitude of the Republican Party is brought to you by the Republican Party

The difference between a “real” Christian and an “ideological” one

Paul Ryan’s definition of Leadership

David Gregory made news on Meet the Press but I don’t think he or anyone else heard it.  He asked Paul Ryan a question and got one of the best sound bites any oppose of Ryan could ever dream about using when running for his seat.  Paul Ryan explained in detail his definition of leadership and that definition could bury him.
Mr. Ryan stated that he did not need a poll to tell him what his policies should be.  He said leaders lead and that’s what they are doing in the House.  He was tapped as the economy guru for the Republican Party and all swore to support any idea that he envisioned on that subject.  He offered his plan and by now, we all know what that is but when it came up for a vote, two Republicans realized that it was radical while another two stepped away because they thought it was not radical enough.  That’s not leadership nor is it courageous.  Leadership is facing your problems head on and looking for solutions which affect all the same while minimizing the results.  Mr. Ry…

The Herman Cain Debacle