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When Women need us the most, Men run away

There is a cry that can be heard all around this nation and it goes totally unheard.This cry is from the mothers, wives, sisters, daughters, nieces and aunts of every single male out there and being a male when we claim to always be there for the most important people in our lives, we fail greatly when it comes to those previously mentioned.How you ask?We fail because we minimize, ignore and refuse to try and understand the real crisis they faced when it comes to their reproductive rights and decisions.
No man knows better than any woman what is best for them when it comes to what they should do with their bodies and all of us need to get back and support their decisions when it comes to this.The majority of us would be pitching a fit if women were making decisions about what we should do with ours.I guess by now some of you are asking the question of what is I talking about and it is an medical procedure called a hysterectomy.
A hysterectomy is a surgery to remove a woman's uterus …

While Committee hold Eric Holder in contempt, Media still asleep at the Wheel

Cable news is all up in an uproar over Darrell Issa’s Oversight Committee voting to hold Attorney General Eric Holder in contempt and while they are reporting on it and allowing commentary and opinions from familiar faces the main point and most obvious question has yet to be answered or even asked.
According to Rachel Rose Hartman of Yahoo! News in her article titled Committee votes to hold Eric Holder in contempt over Fast and Furious, she reports that “the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee on Wednesday voted to hold Attorney General Eric Holder in contempt of Congress despite a last-minute intervention by President Obama.By a vote of 23 to 17 after nearly six hours of tense discussion, the bipartisan committee voted for contempt over the Justice Department's decision to withhold documents related to Operation Fast and Furious that were subpoenaed by the committee in their investigation of the failed gun walking operation.Many committee members Wednesday invoked the…

Exposed, the Story behind the Hatred of Obama

For quite some time now (around 3 and ½ years) I have been asking the same question.Where does this intense hatred for Obama come from?Yesterday, all the pieces fell into place and revealed a strange and disturbing picture.
It became quite apparent to me that the major reason many stand against this President is simply because they figure he is weak and would not be able to exercise the power of the office.They step to him not as an equal but as an inferior product.To a person, it was believed that he was not smarter than they were and each time he demonstrate his mental capabilities they are shown to be one step behind.This seems to be the primary reason for this intense hatred and can be evidenced by how many discount anything he says or does.It makes them run to the nearest microphone to dismiss any achievement.Take for example this article written by Rick Klein of ABC OTUS News titled Obama’s Immigration Surprise Puts GOP in Political Bind in which he reports that “this issue of wh…

Sex and Your Relationship

In an effort to make full disclosure, I must tell you now that I am not a licensed or expert relationship guru but what I do possess is possessed by all of us who wish to take just a few minutes to pay attention.With that said, he in now beginith the lesson.
Last night I was having a conversation with someone that I am strongly attempting to make my next “ex” and it centered on sexual fantasies which should be allowed and ones that shouldn’t.The main sticking point was your partner’s fantasy of having sex with two men/women at the same time.I had taken the stance that if that is something she wanted I would honor it by setting it up but could not be counted as one of the participants.This confused her greatly and in my state of mind, I could not understand why.She explained to me that if this was a fantasy of hers, she would appreciate me saying “no” and sticking with it.She believes that saying “yes” would create the impression that I really do not care about her to loan her out to ot…

How to beat Big Money in a Political Election

To a journalist, commentator pundit and reporter, the word is how much money it takes to win an election and the Democrats are having a fit about how much more money will be used in these upcoming elections to get their voices in the public.They look at the recent Supreme Court over-reaching decision in the “Citizens United” case where they deem corporation people.Talk about worshipping a golden image.
Well when it comes to the presidential election there is a way to beat this monster called money and it is as simple and as plain as the nose on your face.It’s making one commercial which will not only make the many being created from your opposition obsolete.
The argument from the Republicans is that President Obama’s policies are not working and killing business, so to make that lie obstinate create a commercial that repeat these lines.
So when they say that my policies don’t work, ask them about the Auto Bailout. When they say that I don’t care about women’s issues, ask them about the Li…

BREAKING NEWS that no one is reporting on

Being a political junkie, I was surfing the cable news channels this morning and stopped at MSNBC Jansing & Company.This segment featured former Republican Governor and Romney supporter John Sununu made news by not only justifying Romney’s comment about not needing more teachers and firefighters because the Wisconsin election told us so but made even bigger news when he admitted that businesses were sitting on over 1 trillion dollars because they were refusing to help this economy unless Romney won.
I had hoped that others would have heard this and ran straight to Mr. Sununu and asked him if he meant that business leaders are purposely attempted to wreck this fragile economy for nothing other than political reasons.I had hoped that professional journalist would be asking business leaders if this is true and if not why are they sitting on that much money and not lending to help create jobs.They say because the demand is not there but if America has little to none disposable income, …

Radicalizing our Military

Yesterday, I attended a gathering and was listening to a young man tell me about some of the promises made to him by a Marine Recruiter.I found myself strangely confused by what I was hearing because it sounded nothing like the Marines that I spent over 9 years in.It made so little sense that I had to question him about it and was surprised to find that he took offense to my asking.
The main question focused on the information that being a felony would not mean anything as far as owning a firearm because the Marines would not only wipe that away but allow him to gather items associated with firearms outside of the realm of the military.He stated that he would not only be able to own a firearm with his felony conviction but also purchase silencers.Now while this may not appear such a big deal to most people, it truly concerned me.
The Marines, to me, was an organization that prided itself on choosing the best and the brightest to wear that uniform.It prided itself on defending those who …

Welcome to the World of CINO Christians in Name Only

On my Internet Christian Radio Show, A Twist of Faith, I constantly speak about phony religious leaders claiming to speak from the word of God only to recommend actions that is contrary to his teachings.There is no greater call than to serve our God and there is no greater responsibility than that of a servant catering to and looking out for the poor, and those less fortunate.Anyone paying even the slightest of attention knows that this is not what is happening.
These leaders have the eyes and ears of lawmakers yet help to promote or refuse to take a stand when they know that laws being passed will hurt, harm, discriminate or demote any section of beings that should always be considered God’s children too.Religious leaders used to be more concerned with helping a sinner change his/her way through confession of their sins to God and making the necessary changes in their lives to walk the right path but not anymore.The main thought now is getting more butts in the seats, increasing their…

Blind Benefits of Obamacare

Of all of the information out there about this healthcare debate, none put’s it more in prospective than and article written by Ricardo Alonso-Zaldivar of the Associated Press  article titled Undoing health law could have messy ripple effects.In it he reports the benefits of Obamacare and just how popular it really is despite all of the reporting done by others to the opposite.To give you an understanding of what these blind benefits are just listen to it as it is spelled out in the next paragraph and then take a listen to why I think all of this is nothing but a pure case of greed.
Mr. Alonso-Zaldivar reports that “even if the Supreme Court overturns President Barack Obama's health care law, employers can keep offering popular coverage for the young adult children of their workers. But here's the catch: The parents' taxes would go up.Better Medicare prescription benefits, currently saving hundreds of dollars for older people with high drug costs, would be suspended. Ditto f…

Eliminate Violence in America by forcing Males to Cry

Many men can remember being told that a man doesn’t cry and to do this shows your weakness.Some even believe that the male species carry the world on their shoulders; while I do not believe in either of these I have been wondering why the nation and the world have become even more violent than it was in the Wild Wild West Times.Had a conversation with my significant other and asked her the question of why many women cry all the time.She explained that tears are a release and they can represent completely different things.They cry when they are sad, they cry when they are happy and they cry when they are mad.This made me began to wonder if this world would be so violent had males been taught to cry instead.
We know that the majority of this nation and world violence are started by and lead by males.We know that in order to reduce our stress level we need to have a avenue to express our feelings but we also know that many males are being lead to believe getting touch and expressing your …

Wisconsin Election Results only prove one thing

Of all of the potential lessons that one could gleam from the Wisconsin election results, the one few will ever talk about is the weakness of the voters.Faced with a golden opportunity to restore their state, their citizens and possibly a nation, they shrunk, bowed their heads and cried “yasa masa”.
In one of the best article written to date Walter Shapiro explains better than most in his titled What Scott Walker can teach Barack Obama.In it is reports that “Republican Gov. Scott Walker declared, “Tonight, we tell Wisconsin, we tell our country, and we tell people around the globe that voters really do want leaders who stand up and make tough decisions.”And while he is correct that Walker and those like him will undoubtly make this claim and has plenty of evidence to back it up.The voters was handed an opportunity but failed to send a more inclusive message.While his article clearly shows the reasons why recalling Walker was the right message, their unwillingness to demand better from …

The Brilliance of Phil Jackson

When I was discharged from the Marines and moved to Illinois, I wasn’t really following basketball.Then I began to see the Chicago Bulls with Michael Jordan, Scotty Pippen and Dennis Rodman play that game in such a way that made it hard to turn away.I began to learn more and more about this game and see things that I did not pay attention to earlier.I discovered that Phil Jackson was more of a guru than anyone had ever thought.
The Chicago Bulls is not as entertaining as they once were and I have found myself searching for that one inspiring team that would hold my attention as the Bulls once did.I thought I had found it in the Miami Heat with LeBron James, Dwayne Wade and Chris Bosh but I can see very clearly that they are missing one very important ingredient and it is not a player on the floor.It’s another Phil Jackson.
I, like most sport fans, tend to get overly involved with the game and try to coach from the couch.I had always felt that Jackson’s means of letting the Bulls play th…

Judge says Zimmerman guilty of Material Falsehoods, bond revoked

When George Zimmerman was released on bond, many thought that the situation behind it had not been clearly vetted by the court and some even went as far as to speculate that the Zimmerman’s were lying about their finances.I truly had no earthly idea in the beginning about whether they were telling the truth or not and apparently so did the court.All that changed yesterday.
According to Pueng Vongs for Yahoo Lookout in an article titled George Zimmerman’s bond revoked, must surrender it is reported that “A Florida judge has revoked the bond of George Zimmerman, the volunteer neighborhood watchman accused of killing teen Trayvon Martin, on the grounds that Zimmerman misled the court about his finances.During Zimmerman's bail hearing in April, his family testified they had limited funds, prosecutors said on Friday during court proceedings broadcast live.Zimmerman's wife "said she had no money, but in fact she did," said prosecutor Bernardo de la Rionda. He pointed to $13…

Weak Jobs Report says more than meets the eye

We America it has finally happened, our first weak jobs reportafter a pretty good record by the Obama Administration and as figured the experts, pundits and politicians on both sides are flanging away trying to spin it to their advantage.Both are missing a core component of their argument and so far no one from the media has detected this missing piece.
According to Rachel Rose Hartman’s article titled President Obama blames Congress for weak jobs reportit is reported that “President Barack Obama on Friday put the blame for a weaker-than-expected May jobs report on Congress, saying lawmakers' inaction has stymied economic recovery."Right now, Congress should pass a bill to prevent more layoffs," Obama told an audience gathered at Honeywell's Golden Valley, Minn., facility, which the president had earlier toured.Obama said Congress has not passed enough provisions of his jobs plan ("There's no excuse for it," he said) and must work immediately to offer mo…