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Violent Shooting at Newtown is not about Gun Control

Many of us stand glued to our television sets this morning listening to the horrendous story about a shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut.Some have already began questioning whether if we had stronger gun control could this and other recent shootings could have been avoided.My answer is simply “no”.
My reasoning for saying this can be easily discerned from those recent events especially when compared in contrast to what recently happened in an elementary school in China.Imagine a country where no citizen has the right to carry, conceal or bear firearms.Yet violence does happen and as the example in China where it was a stabbing of several people instead of a shooting, to say that China should now outlaw knives makes no sense.It is time we begin to place the blame squarely where it belongs and that is on the person or persons committing the acts.
Now don’t get me twisted, no “real” hunter needs a 32 clip magazine to enjoy their sport.If any hunter requires tha…

Susan Rice Withdraws her Name and Empowers Radicals

We learned today that Susan Rice has decided to withdraw her name from contention because she said it would bog down the confirmation process.She spoke like a lady who see this as something bigger than her which is commendable but still gives “wayward” lawmakers an excuse to keep playing games instead of doing the job they were hired to do.
Tell military members that their welfare is far less important than making up “talking points” to get on television or try to make a president look bad. To say you love this country but fail to pass the jobs bill or hold up advancement of this nation for the billionaires makes no sense.What has happened to a party who once champion military service? What has happened to a party that once champions the worth of individuals over interest?
Three major “loudmouths” and “weak minded” political pundits saw an opportunity to better their standing in the senate and cared less about the results of their actions.They have now been empowered to close their eyes…