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The Assumption of Additional Pain and Suffering-A Theoretical Thought

We have been taught for many years that hell is “a place of evil and suffering where the wicked are punished after death” but what if that was only partially true.  What if the real hell was here on earth and all of the planets and the wicked are those of us who chooses not to follow the path of Jesus at every junction of our earthly lives when we must make a choice between doing what is right and doing what is wrong.  When we choose to do what we believe is right in the eyes of God we live believing in Jesus but when we choose to do what is wrong we become the wicked.
Wouldn’t it make sense since so much pain and suffering is endured here on earth and as soon as we make the decision to do what is wrong we are immediately consumed by the fires of hatred, anger, hypocrisy, jealousy, greed, regret and so many other sins. Let’s take for example, the taking of another human life.  The mind has always had a problem with reconciling unnatural acts and there is none greater than the taking of…

Stateline Election 2017-Lessons Learned

Listening to my local news and wondering, out loud, how someone who has millions of dollars to spend could find themselves millions of dollars in the hole just really did not make sense to me.  Especially since the money that they were spending did not totally belong to them.  I had a hard time understanding how someone trusted to represent those who elected them, could ignore their pleas and cries while pretending to hear them at the same time.  After several days of this and many rhetorical questions later, my wife made one solid suggestion.  She suggested that I either stop complaining or run for office and fix the things I saw was wrong.  As I looked into her eyes, saw that she was serious and felt the faith that she had in me to not only care about the suffering but my ability to figure out a way to stop it, I became convinced that she was right.  It didn’t take much longer for me to begin to conceive of ideas and ways to fix these issues as well as justification for why these ch…