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Parents may not put the gun to their children’s head but we are the ones who pull the trigger

A parents number one concern is to try and prevents any harm, injury or death from coming to their children and to that end, we often rush to their defense considering that this actions proves our love but what if I tell you, it is not the action that you perform then but the actions you perform during the beginning stages of their lives that really shows your love. 
Each and every time you step up and provide a buffer for your child, you are essentially setting them up for paying a heavier price of pain, injury or death because who will shield them when you are no longer around?  They have grown accustomed to you jumping in to save them and they have lost the fear of jumping in the deep in of the pool because they know you will jump in after them but what if there is a time they jump without thinking and you are not there to save them?  Do they now perish; do you now have to bury them?  The mistake your child makes growing up is the time to educate them and find out what they learned…

Learning what true Self Preservation means is the roadmap to real happiness

I often times am bothered by why all of us refuse to show our honest and sincere concern and compassion for others.  Why we often times wait until something bad happens before the true spirit of each of us comes out. We have seen who we really are like during  events like Sept 11, Katrina, Hurricane Sandy, Sandy Hook, the recent Louisiana floods and other disasters and so many more but we quickly revert back to a place where our differences seems more important than our similarities, so why do we do this.  I believe that it is because of the one constant embedded within all of us and that is called “self-preservation”. 
 Self-Preservation causes us to look out for ourselves before anything or anyone else and in order to protect ourselves, we choose to focus more on the differences between each other than the similarities because that would mean we must now truly care about strangers and because many of us see caring as a sign of weakness or an opening where we can be easily hurt, we m…

Mass Incarceration- America’s newest Plantation

On the plantation there was a power structure like that which still exists today.  There were the masters or landowners and doing their biding was the overseers who made sure that all the rules, regulations and policies set down by the masters were carried out by the slave.  Then of course there was the slave, the laborer, the worker, the true backbone of the prosperity of the landowner and consistent employment of the overseer.
In a much better world, the master would always intelligently choose which crops should garner him and his family the best price that year and whether the grounds could handle it.  The smart ones made sure that their overseers did not go beyond the point of respect toward the very reason he and his family was able to live so well.  The smart overseer would insure that the policies, rules and regulations passed down by the master were adhered to but they would do so with the retaining of dignity of the slave in mind.  Many of the good and decent ones were often …

High School Mentality and Ideology killing Democracy

There was a time and place where Americans were more concerned with who could do the job more than they were who was in the job.  It used to be a time whether experience doing a job was important but not more important than the desire, temperament, patience, character and willingness to compromise.  We used to look for people who was confident in what they believed, would stand firm when those beliefs were tested but not so rigid that violent aggression was the only answer left.
Sad to say that this is not the case anymore.  Now we look for people we can have a beer with and those who talk tough and pretend to be willing to die for their principals.  We look for those whose face could don the cover of magazines or a cultured pedigree.  We look for those who hold a particular type of job or have attended a particular type of school.  We want people who look likes us, think like us, act like us and believe like us. 
We do not care for anyone who has a difference of opinion and can back t…

The Four Types of Intelligence

Just like there are three (3) stages of adulthood, there appears to be about four types of intelligence. Stage one, of adulthood, is being grown and that is when you are legally considered grown by law which is normally 18 years old but for some it may be 21. Stage two of adulthood is adult where it is said to be when you began to truly take responsibility for your actions, choices and decisions. Stage three is maturity which is when you are well aware of who you are to the point where others being who they are does not bother you. One stage is not the same as the others and if you are courageous enough to reach stage three, you shall find that peace and tranquility that you were looking for in the other two. To reach stage three, you have to be more than willing to listen to those you disagree with and consider the lessons those conversations may provide, applying them to who you are to become something better.
The first type of intelligence is the natural intelligence.  This is intel…