High School Mentality and Ideology killing Democracy

There was a time and place where Americans were more concerned with who could do the job more than they were who was in the job.  It used to be a time whether experience doing a job was important but not more important than the desire, temperament, patience, character and willingness to compromise.  We used to look for people who was confident in what they believed, would stand firm when those beliefs were tested but not so rigid that violent aggression was the only answer left.

Sad to say that this is not the case anymore.  Now we look for people we can have a beer with and those who talk tough and pretend to be willing to die for their principals.  We look for those whose face could don the cover of magazines or a cultured pedigree.  We look for those who hold a particular type of job or have attended a particular type of school.  We want people who look likes us, think like us, act like us and believe like us. 

We do not care for anyone who has a difference of opinion and can back that opinion up with facts or a reasonable argument; we want someone who will do as we say when we say in the manner that we say.  We are not choosing a leader but a subject to bow at our whim and do our biding.  We say we want someone who is tough and won’t run from a fight but that is true as long as they do not fight what we want.  All this is the ideology and mentality of a bunch of middle and high school students searching for class officers.  This is not a mark of adults searching for a person who can bring us peace, joy, happiness and a sense of purpose.

So now we must ask ourselves, who are we really and who do we want to be really.  Any fool can pretend to be something that they are not but all fools fail to keep those you are trying to convince, convinced and eventually is found out because in this life, there really are no secrets.


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