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The Unlimited Minds of Human Beings and how it is so wasted

Many people would prefer to believe that no one is as smart or as worthy as they are but contrary to this style of thinking, the only real thing that separates us is the degree of desire we have toward whatever it is we are seeking.  Intelligence is never truly measured by any kind of test regardless of what that test is called.  Intelligence is measured by the degree of desires because even if I score quite low on any intelligent test but have a much higher desire to achieve something, there is no limit to what I would do to achieve that goal.  For those who think that they already possess that level of intelligence might not view obtainment with as much vigor.
The same can be said for those who possess a desire to create, produce or manufacture.  A primary example of this can be found in an article titled “Production of dangerous synthetic marijuana is soaring and the DEA can't keep up” by Erin Brodwin here  In it is revealed that new sy…

The Many Faces of Racism

To many, racism is defined as black and white and because it has been accepted in that form for far too long we outwardly wonder why it has been so hard to eradicate.  Simple answer is because our definition of racism is poorly defined and is far from what actually tells the complete story.
I was quite appreciative of a video I saw featuring Morgan Freeman who said the words that I have been trying to say for so long.  It will not do it justice to try and repeat those eloquent words here so I direct you to that video found on Essence Magazine’s site titled “Morgan Freeman Explains the Deeper Issue Behind Racism”.  You can find it here (  You owe it to yourself to listen and please have an open mind when you do because so much can be explained by this revelation. 
Racism comes in many different forms and not all of it has anything to do with race.  There are whites who hate blacks and feel as they are infer…

Is the Obama Administration shifting focus by switching Attorney Generals?

I have always wonder how a “no nonsense” guy like Eric Holder would step down at the Justice Department especially since he does not have a history of ever running away from a fight and recent run-ins with the Republican Senate and House members would certainly constitute a fight.  Today, I think we may just have our answer.
We all know that Democrats as well as Republicans enjoy big money donated by big business in order to win in any election, or that is the perception anyway.  Now having taken their money, they feel obligated to try and return the favor in any way possible while in office so holding them accountable, responsible or their feet to the fire is certainly a lost art and one most avoided by our elected officials.  This is also true of the Obama Administration just like all others before them and that shall follow.  Not many have ever been able to navigate this dark and tricky path but I think the Obama Administration may have just found a way.
It is well known that the Jus…

The Ignorance of some is Astounding but the worst may be that it’s assumed true

Far be it for me to deny anyone their right to speak their minds, that was one of the many freedoms that I and others like me were willing to lay down our lives to protect but even I cannot continue to try and ignore ignorance to such a degree that it makes anyone with any reasonable perception have to read it twice.
This was my immediate reaction to something I read titled “Ann Coulter Blasts Michelle Obama on Race: ‘I Think She’s Just Letting Out Her Reverend Wright Now’ taken from The Blaze.  Apparently Ms. Coulter was disappointed and dissatisfied with a comment made by the first lady and I know that many of you out there are asking the question of when is she happy about anything this person, this family, these people do or say.  Valid point but can we all just assume that Ms. Coulter is not this full of venom all the time just when she is pushing her radio show or getting paid to come on Fox News and say whatever she wishes.  Okay well maybe not but I would love to think so.

Kevin Costner’s Black or White Movie Review

I make no claim as a movie critic nor do I attempt to play one on television but I do know a good movie when I see it and a great movie when I feel it.  Kevin Costner’s Black or White is a great movie.
For those who have yet had the blessing of seeing it, Black or White is basically a story about a grandfather played by Kevin Costner who losses his daughter at child birth and later his wife in a tragic car accident.  This leaves him alone to raise his biracial granddaughter in a posh, affluent neighborhood.  The issue becomes complicated when the child’s maternal grandmother played by Octavia Spencer begins to seek to have a bigger role in the life of this child and is lead into filing for full custody with the help of her brother played by Anthony Mackie.  Now enters the father of the child played by Andre Holland who is convinced by both his mother and his uncle to take the lead and increase their chances of success.
Make no mistake even with drug use, alcohol abuse and a large helpin…