Kevin Costner’s Black or White Movie Review

I make no claim as a movie critic nor do I attempt to play one on television but I do know a good movie when I see it and a great movie when I feel it.  Kevin Costner’s Black or White is a great movie.

For those who have yet had the blessing of seeing it, Black or White is basically a story about a grandfather played by Kevin Costner who losses his daughter at child birth and later his wife in a tragic car accident.  This leaves him alone to raise his biracial granddaughter in a posh, affluent neighborhood.  The issue becomes complicated when the child’s maternal grandmother played by Octavia Spencer begins to seek to have a bigger role in the life of this child and is lead into filing for full custody with the help of her brother played by Anthony Mackie.  Now enters the father of the child played by Andre Holland who is convinced by both his mother and his uncle to take the lead and increase their chances of success.

Make no mistake even with drug use, alcohol abuse and a large helping of racism permeating all through this film, these professionals take feelings, emotions and your heart for a glorious spin.  The events captured in this story which is supposed to be based on a true story will elevate you to a level of understanding that no other cinema has ever been able to do in such a very long time.  All the cast is awesome and some parts will make you laugh but the one actor that will still both your heart and your breath is none other than the subject of this movie, Eloise Anderson played by Jillian Estell.  If I was a fortune teller, I would tell all of you to watch for this name to appear for years to come because this child was awesome.

Not many films make me want to watch it over again and again but this one does and if I may be so bold as to suggest, that anyone who does not watch this film from beginning to end and walk away with a new found knowledge of how to treat others better, you may be living without a heart.  I strongly suggest that you take the hour and a half, watch the show and please don’t forget the tissues.  


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