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The Rise of Atheism

If you have ever wondered why there has been a great uptick in those who claim to not believe in a higher power, wonder no more.  Take a peek at this new article titled “Church turns out to be sex club” by Dan Cahill for Odd Chatter dot com, in it he describes just one of the many reasons why those who once may have placed their faith in God is now questioning if there is or ever was a God.
The articles states “Most churches can be thought of as social meeting places, a structure where congregations come together and share a common bond. A “church” in Tennessee, though, has taken togetherness to a whole new level. Nashville authorities say a building registered as a church has actually been hosting late-night swingers’ parties, where lewd acts have been taking place, according to a report by News Channel 5. Freedom 4 All, Inc. originally filed for a permit to run a church at a building located in an office park in Madison, just north of Nashville. Upon closer investigation, officials f…