The Rise of Atheism

If you have ever wondered why there has been a great uptick in those who claim to not believe in a higher power, wonder no more.  Take a peek at this new article titled “Church turns out to be sex club” by Dan Cahill for Odd Chatter dot com, in it he describes just one of the many reasons why those who once may have placed their faith in God is now questioning if there is or ever was a God.

The articles states “Most churches can be thought of as social meeting places, a structure where congregations come together and share a common bond. A “church” in Tennessee, though, has taken togetherness to a whole new level. Nashville authorities say a building registered as a church has actually been hosting late-night swingers’ parties, where lewd acts have been taking place, according to a report by News Channel 5. Freedom 4 All, Inc. originally filed for a permit to run a church at a building located in an office park in Madison, just north of Nashville. Upon closer investigation, officials found the United Fellowship Center was a front for a swinger’s organization called The Social Club. Based on the findings of their investigation, government officials are seeking an injunction to close the club in Madison. Their complaint states that the club is operating within 1,000 feet of a school, violating a city ordinance. Upon seeing heavy traffic around the church on weekend nights, two government investigators decided to take a closer look inside. After paying $40 for entry, the two code inspectors, a male and female, saw “patrons openly engaging in sexual conduct and intercourse in the rooms and foyer,” the report states. According to their findings, the two inspectors estimated they saw more than 100 people in various rooms, hallways and common areas”.

Couple of things to consider; now atheism is defined as a disbelief or lack of belief in the existence of God or gods but is this disbelief based upon real experiences or personal events or is it based upon the actions of those who claim to be so very religious doing things that not even a non-believer can see is nowhere close to what a Christian should be.  Consider that in a so-called Christian nation, we break up families, ignore and abuse our fellow man, belittle and bemoan those who think or look differently than we do and turn a blind eye to those who are suffering including children.  Consider that the Bible speaks of anything man-made never being of God which says to me if man constructs a building, call it a church and say that it is sacred does not make it so, if of course we believe in all of what we read and not just certain portions.  Maybe there is some truth in what myself as others proclaim that the only true church is the soul of which you carry with you each and every day since that soul was built by God and not by man.  Maybe Atheism is not about believing in the power of God but wishes to focus on the actions of man and use that as a basis to decide if God exists or not.  If that is the case then how much sense does it make when we appear angered if others blame us for the actions of others because isn’t that what atheists are doing when they seek to blame God for the actions of man?

Personally, I know that God exists and I know that he exists within all of us because we were made in his image by him and no amount of science will ever be able to accurately and honestly explain the true essence of who I am and who we are which is the soul, but that decision is one that each of us will have to make for ourselves.  I know that seeing the actions of those who claim to be so religious yet disrespects the very teachings of Jesus makes me even more determined to label this nation as simply a nation of man and not that of a Christian nation.


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