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Why I am Offended with the Media’s title “Obama’s Charm Offensive”

I keep hearing this phrase being echoed in the media Obama’s Charm Offensive and just the name offends me.I have studied on this for quite some time and looked at it from several different angles only to come back to the same conclusion.It is offensive to me.

The media say that he has to do this because it may mend some fences and make governing easier.They say it is needed to get his agenda across and leave a lasting legacy for all to remember and one for the history books.I can see their point but it stills riles me to think that the title is nothing more than a nice way of saying that in order to get things done in Washington, this particular president needs to kiss congress’ rings.

I take offense to this because, for me, in order to mend some fences, you should be the reason those fences are broken.I cannot see how that could be the case when the opposition met before he was even inaugurated and decided to do all that they could to derail his agenda.I cannot see how those fences wer…

Causes and Influences

Experts say that there are many different causes and influences that have a lot to do with our actions and reactions to events.Influences are thought to be things like knowledge which is nothing more than getting your own way, opportunity which is the chance to act out on what you believe and choose.Choice is nothing more than choosing to act in a particular way or not.

Causes are sometimes defined as those things which lead you to choice or lack of.Things like alcohol which we all know impairs one judgment, childhood which convinces us that the actions and reactions you saw growing up is the only way and all we may know.Previous relationships may help us learn coping mechanisms and now we decide to use these skills in all relationships afterwards.Drugs which not only impairs your judgment but can also cause many other lingering and long-lasting problems seldom solving any while creating even more, stress which is nothing more than worrying about things that you cannot control, while f…

A Message from One of a Warning to Us All

I was awaken this morning with a message for all of us, especially to those who are parents, grandparents, educators, instructors and those who have  a platform to address the masses. This message is one of frankness and one that many of us try so very hard to avoid saying because we worry about being “politically correct”.  It’s about the “true” evil that exists in this world and is all around us twenty-four hours a day.
It is time for us to stop pretending that we will ever be able to rid this world of evil.  Evil of any and all kind.  Even God Almighty is not able to accomplish this and if it is difficult for him, we all should admit that it is more than far outside of our range to eliminate.  In this life, there are and always will be good and evil.  Even though we would love to believe that evil only exist in a very small portion of us, we know for a fact that evil can immerse even the strongest of us. It’s time to stop this charade of thinking we can make laws to stop the evil bec…

Terrorism may not be only Limited to Weapons

It never ceases to amaze me how some can love money so much that they are willing to take advantage of anyone and everyone they can to reach their goal of bathing themselves in green.  The worst part is those they set their sights on are normally those who have done them no harm.  Many people say that terrorism is the ability to stop the regular activities of citizens and robbing them of a sense of security. 
According to Mr. Curtis L. Coy, Deputy under Secretary for Economic Opportunity, Veterans Benefits Administration, U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs, his department “has recently been notified of potential fraudulent attempts to contact Veterans using  These individuals may be operating under company names such as Auto-Desk, Venus Remedies, or Aesculap Implant Systems.  Be aware that these are potential fake inquiries, and you should not communicate with or send any information to these individuals.”  He warns all veterans and offer us instructions by saying “if…

The Two Faces of America

If you are wondering where this country is headed, wonder no more because you have just been given a “bird’s eye view” of the dual faces of America.  Which one of the faces will you rejoice in wearing?
The first face was shown by all those first responders, volunteers and every day citizens who rushed forward in peril by putting those who were injured in the Boston Marathon Blasts before them.  They showed heroic compassion by not only jumping in, working together and doing all this without being asked or paid.  They did all this by now offering their home, a place at their table and comforting words and encouragement to those displaced by that bombing.  We saw a face of America that makes us that shining city on the hill that beacon for all society to see and emulate. We saw the true and real essence of America.  This was a clear example of the type of compassion Jesus spoke about in Luke Chapter 10 regarding The Good Samaritan.  Grab your Bible, look it up and read it for yourself.  …

GOP Ushers in Sharia Law

If you have been listening to politicians in both Washington and the numerous states within the United States, you have heard that many proclaim their disdain for Sharia Law and some have even went as far as to make it against the law to use sharia Law here in the United States.
While this can be understood by many of us, it appears that these same die-hard opposers of Sharia Law are now going far and beyond to make sure that Americans follow some of the same principles as depicted in that law.  Many politicians and religious scholars freak out when anyone mentions homosexuality and run around like a chicken with its head chopped off.  They look for ways to insure that those who participate in this are never made whole and welcomed into this widely diverse and divided world.  Same can be said about Sharia Law.  It is reported that Sharia Law homosexual sex is illegal under most interpretations and even though the penalties may differ sect to another, many may impose the death penalty. …