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Lack of vision may be why America is behind in the Innovation War

America was once known as the “Land of Opportunity”, where someone with little to no standing could become someone of great influence.Where education was not strictly judged by the schools you attended but also by the experience you displayed.That seems so long ago now because now where you come from and the reputation of a particular educational institution is required.In other words it’s “who you know” that matters.
The “who you know” saga is played out in today’s communities by credit reporting agencies and their control over credit scores.They can decide to lower them and make 600 the score needed to obtain financial help from traditional sources or they can raise them where only those with 720 credit score can avail themselves of those services.This is also now being used to determine if you are worthy of being hired regardless of the years of experience that you have.Right now many employers are using your credit report to determine if you are hirable or not.Just as landlord’s ar…

The Charlie Sheen Interview

Was watching the Last Word with Lawrence O’Donnell and saw a piece of the interview which was shown on the Today Show with Charlie Sheen.At first I was truly not interested in hearing some spoiled Hollywood multi-millionaire whine about how everyone was being mean to him but because it was Lawrence O’Donnell bringing it up, I listened.I must now admit that the way Lawrence portrayed the story was nothing like the message that I got from watching that piece of it.I saw much more than that.
What I saw was a man, who was more determined than I had ever seen, speaks about something that I had never thought about before.He spoke out about Alcoholic Anonymous (AA) and how less than impressive they were at making him better.He had decided to stop wasting his time in an organization where he did not get better by following the rules created by someone else.He decided to tackle this problem on his own and rely only on those who to believe that before anyone can get the help that they need, they…

Could over complimenting your child lead to a lack of humility?

We are all quite aware of how too much of anything can be bad even if it was reported to be good for you.Could the same be said about complimenting your children?As a parent and remembering how it was for me growing up, it made me feel like riding on a cloud when any one of my parents would acknowledge me and once in a while tell me how well I am doing instead of constantly reminding me of my faults.I make it a point of letting my children know that not all of their decisions are bad ones and applaud them when they do the right thing.I found myself doing it more with the two youngest ones than I had with the older ones.I began to wonder if I was doing more harm than good by doing this so often.
What made me aware of this possibility was the constant acclamation of my five year old about winning at everything.She has gotten to the point that she must win at every cost and before this was seriously addressed by her mother and me, it seemed to stem from wishing to hear more compliments.To…

Local muffler shop shows how to compete with the larger box store chains.

The bracket which holds up the muffler on her vehicle rusted through and began dragging the ground.After looking closely, we decided that it would be a good idea to replace the exhaust system. My fiancée decided to take the vehicle to a couple of places and get an estimate.The results makes me wonder how the conversation would have gone, had I been the one who took in the vehicle and question if women are still viewed as less educated when it comes to business? In an effort to be fair and forthcoming, I did not retrace her steps with the vehicle and these companies.
·Midas Muffler- 3012 North Main Street, Rockford, IL 61103 quoted her a fee of $277.00 ·Mieneke Muffler- 905 West Riverside Blvd, Rockford, IL 61103 quoted her a fee of $372.00 ·Warshawsky- 4315 South Main Street, Rockford, IL 61101 quoted her a fee of $150.00
What this did prove beyond a shadow of a doubt is how a local muffler shop can compete with that box store muffler places. Many know about or have heard of Washawsky’s …

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