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Anti-Obama Documentary sheds light not on Obama but on Makers

In a time when it appears that money is the primary and sometimes sole motivator behind movements we make, it is apparent that this may have been the only true reason for the new anti-Obama documentary as evidenced by The Huffington Post in an article titled 2016: Obama's America' Expands Into More Theaters Amid Accuracy Issues by Kia Makarechi.  I say this because it appears that it’s co-director, Dinesh D’Souza and it’s producer, Gerald Molen, have risked their reputation to present a movie that is supposed to be based on fact while showing severe indifference.

The article chronicles the rise of the gross at the box office “this past weekend” as well as the expansion of it’s audience.  It states that “Molen defended the project as “fair and truthful” in a recent interview” but “the Associated Press fact-checked the film, which attempts to trace the roots of Obama's ideology. The newswire service found a number of errors or claims that are not made in good faith”.  The …

Does Media Obsessions create Graven Images

I ask this question after seeing maximum coverage of Paul Ryan entire story because he might be chosen as Mitt Romney’s Vice Presidential pick. It got me to thinking of how the coverage from all forms of media from politics to pro athletes, from movie idols to music legends. How we elevate average people because of the job that they have, the amount of money that they control or the amount of influence they wield.
They may be movie stars, jetsetters, important people and big business but if you took away all that they have in tangible assets, they would be just average people. They put on their pants the same way each and every person put on their pants, on leg at a time. So why do we chase them, worship them, fear them and hang on their every word?

Many of us claim to be Christians and when it is convenient we use our faith to make our point, but we do not hold God in as high esteem as we do those average people. We know that this is one of the most horrendous sins, we can commit, …

Rope-a-Doping Republicans

Is it just me or does it feel like this Republican Presidential Campaign is off key? One expected a fire in the belly of those who see nothing but the destruction of this nation. The coming together of a group of Americans, more American than all the rest, stepping up to save the world, one state at a time.
Instead we got a group of radicals determined to make others bow to their every whim and destroy those who were not willing to bow and say "yesa masa’. We got a Republican Nominee who was us to choose him for the highest job in the land but refuse to take the steps necessary to get the job. He wants us to hire him based on what he says on any given day but not willing to allow us to look under the hood and kick the tires. Reminds me of a used car salesman who refuses to show us the "car fax".

His surrogates step to the microphone and repeat whatever lie they were given to say without regards for their own integrity. Thought we wanted people with convictions in those …

Credit Reporting is Causing Good People Good Jobs

Many report about the unemployed and their trials and tribulations but one thing that they never mention often enough is a big factor in the numbers seemingly holding steady. There have been many reports detailing the jobs which currently exist but the number of applicants attempting to land that job. There have been many reports detailing the requirements for a particular job being more than the average person possess, so some have advocated re-training. All these are positive steps to reduce the unemployment rolls and excellent tools to get more people back to work but one item barely covered is this fascination of business to now use an applicant’s credit report as a factor in their decisions to hire. Below is an example of the effect of a bad credit report;

“Thank you for your interest in the position of ________________at location 1440. We sincerely appreciate your interest in career opportunities with _______. Regretfully, we have decided to pursue other candidates at this tim…