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There is no such thing as “white privilege”.

If you listen to all those who say that “white privilege” exists be sure to ask them how they arrived at such a conclusion.  You may find that their arrival is strictly based upon those who are not held to the same identical account for the same crimes are disproportionally white.  Now while this satisfies those who wish to keep us so concentrated on race that we over look an obvious primary factor it is not the truth and it is time someone attempted to open the eyes or those who wish to learn.  If you ask those who think “white privilege” does not exist, you may find that the only reason they say it does not is to lessen the fact that many who are not held to equal justice are white and they do not have a better argument but they are too false in their assumptions simply because our eyes don’t lie and the story fills the headlines of our paper and news every day.  Again what both these groups of single minded individual miss is the unseen and ignored damage that is being done by all …

What the Founding Fathers, Donald Trump and today’s religion have in common

I find myself somewhat tickled when I hear people say that the way this country is not what was intended by the founding fathers.  It’s funny to me how anyone who have taken a few minutes to be truly objective about our history fails to see that this is exactly what the so called founding fathers intended even though they may be credited with penning the Constitution. 
It is written, that they left Europe with the intent to create a nation free of oppression and so that they could practice their religion without persecution.  Yet these same founding father brought with them a system of suppression copied after the Kings, queens, lords and barons of Europe.  They brought with them a class of people who would be their servants after claiming that they were no longer wishing to live under those same rules.  Maybe they meant that they themselves were tired of being someone else’s slave so set out to find a place where they can now be slave masters.
They came to this country to escape relig…

What if God’s Divine Plan had already been carried out?

A thought occurred to me this morning regarding just how mixed up many of us appear to be when it comes to the Bible.  I say mixed up because I am still trying to reconcile what I learned growing up with what I have learned so far in this life, much of it still confusing while some of it is becoming clearer.
I harken back to the first time I heard the word of “God’s divine plan” which was made to say to me, that all that happens is according to his will.  A few days ago, I found it quite comforting to use those words of “it’s God’s will” but did not think that they were used to simply cover up my responsibilities. I actually thought that they were there for comfort and to give me the strength to let go and move on.  I’m beginning to think now that these happened because of the actions or inactions that I took in part and the actions or inaction others took in whole. 
Suppose, Moses had been asked by the religious leaders of his time, all these questions about how they should conduct th…

5 Ways to tell if your Life is not your own

When you hear someone say that they are in complete control of their lives and no one tells them what to do, take a closer look at the actions that they take if you truly want to know if they are telling the truth or lying.  You have to look for actions because none of us is endowed with the power to judge whether anyone is truly right or wrong simply because what may be one person’s truth may not be another’s.  We must try never to minimize another person’s struggles, beliefs and feelings so allow them to feel what and when they do remembering that when it is your time, you would want to be treated the same. 
Now there are millions of ways one could tell if a person is indeed in complete control of their lives and their decisions but we have only listed what we believe is the top 5 here.
1.When your decisions are not based on what is best for you but how others may see it: Ever had a decision to make but were more concerns about how others will view that decision more than how benefici…

The Determining Factor of your Level of Success is you

When it comes to success, many measure it by the amount of money you have, the number of possessions that you possess or the level of power or influence you exhibit.  While all of these have been measures that many of us have used, it is not the ultimate determining factor of anyone’s success.  Money can be gained not by what you have accomplished but by what others may have left for you.  Possessions will never be the ultimate because in order to truly own anything, you must be able to take that possession with you wherever you go and we all know that when your earthly life expires, none of those possessions will ever be able to travel with you.  The level of power and influence is the only one of the three which can be felt long after you have graduated from the earthly shell which houses your soul but that is only apparent or useful to those that you may have made contact with while you were living in the flesh.
From the day of anyone’s birth, here on earth, the desire to be more an…

The Varying Degrees of Patriotism

I bet you, no one has ever told you that there are varying degrees of patriotism, each having its own measurable marker. I don’t know why not because patriotism, like all others things, is not a one size fits all concept but varies between individuals depending on the experience, beliefs and values of that particular individual.
For some, the wearing of a flag pin on their lapel is enough to satisfy that they are patriotic so it has become a part of many people’s apparel.  For some, wearing a shirt or outside garment made of the flag is enough and then for others it is about flying that flag proudly in your front yard.  Now each one of these carries with it, a degree of patriotism that makes one feel good about themselves and seeks to show those around them that they have a love of country.  Sad to say that this alone does not equal another nor does it overshadow the other.  What is does is satisfy your desire to prove to those around you of how much love you possess for this country o…

Teachable Moment-The Trump Saga

The older I get, the more I attempt to find a positive spin on anything that occurs.  I do this because it is easier for me to try and understand the motives of another if I can see things a little as they see them.  It helps me to reconcile myself with the fact that as the Bible tells us we should always respect another person’s truth.  It does not say we have to agree with it or even like it but it does ask us to respect it and in so doing we can now expect that they will respect our truth.
Listening to the latest in the Donald Trump Saga, many are talking about a rift in the party and those anti-Trump people may have a valid shot at winning and blocking him out while others are saying the exact opposite.  I don’t truly know which is right or wrong and neither is it my place to say either way.  I have never been given the power or authority to tell anyone whether they are right or wrong, I can only control and diagnosis my actions and advise myself.  This keeps me trying really hard …

Trump Presumptive Nomination is the result of GOP voters’ temper tantrums

The Grand Ole Party voters are throwing a temper tantrum right now and Donald J. Trump is the recipient of the fall out.  Why are they throwing a temper tantrum?  There are several reasons for it, some are good and some are not so good but those are not what worry me.  It’s not the reason; it’s the results that frighten me.
When the Tea Party was going strong and Democrats decided to stay home, the GOP glided into offices all over the states and in Washington taunting destruction from within.  Many thought that surely they would not do that and if they tried, the senior members of the GOP would stop them in their tracks and educate them on how this is supposed to truly work.  Many thought the senior members would corral these gunslingers and show them that no one gets everything that they want but by compromising, you can get a lot of what you want.  They were wrong and when it came time for those more extreme candidates to seek re-election the GOP voter denied them that chance hoping …

The number one Issue facing Black America is Black America

I don’t care how many times I brooch this subject, it still surprises me that so many of us in the black community have yet to wake up and truly smell the coffee.  There are many things that Black America should be proud of and find pride in like the millions of blacks that greatly contributed to the building of this nation but instead of helping to push the positive stories so that our children have more to look forward to than a rap career or on some athletic field, we continue to do nothing about making our rich history a much bigger part of the over-all American History.
We hear many screaming racism as if it is the only reason blacks are not treated equally as they should but when those in a position of power and can change the course of this event fail or refuse to step up and stand up we just give them a free pass.  Many of these same people are still pissed at President Obama because they thought his election and re-election would make all others finally recognize us as smart, …