Trump Presumptive Nomination is the result of GOP voters’ temper tantrums

The Grand Ole Party voters are throwing a temper tantrum right now and Donald J. Trump is the recipient of the fall out.  Why are they throwing a temper tantrum?  There are several reasons for it, some are good and some are not so good but those are not what worry me.  It’s not the reason; it’s the results that frighten me.

When the Tea Party was going strong and Democrats decided to stay home, the GOP glided into offices all over the states and in Washington taunting destruction from within.  Many thought that surely they would not do that and if they tried, the senior members of the GOP would stop them in their tracks and educate them on how this is supposed to truly work.  Many thought the senior members would corral these gunslingers and show them that no one gets everything that they want but by compromising, you can get a lot of what you want.  They were wrong and when it came time for those more extreme candidates to seek re-election the GOP voter denied them that chance hoping to make clear to those senior in Washington that they wanted a group to govern and stop the childish games that was the focus of so many sent during that time.

They sent the message but the senior leaders within the GOP did not get it.  For some reason or another, they became even more obstinate and kept speaking in the way which made all GOP voters look like they truly did not care about the country they claim to love so much.  Were the Tea Party influence and the remnants of what they brought when they first stepped into Washington so strong and consuming that those who had been in office for many decades forget who got them there in the first place?   It began with the government shutdowns over things that had nothing to do with the bills in front of them and it did not end after the Republican led House spent more days off than doing their jobs.  It was kept alive by repealing of Obamacare but having nothing to replace it with and of course the billions of dollars wasted chasing that proverbial “white rabbit” in those Benghazi hearings.  All this posturing and saber-rattling led to one distinct feeling among the GOP voter and that was our party wanted to be in charge, we hired them and they have shown no results.  It’s like dreaming you went grocery shopping and stocked your kitchen filled with good things to eat, only to wake up, head to your kitchen and find the cupboards bare.

Now this congress where Republicans now led both houses is about to go down in history as the least worked done and that does not sit well with those who have ben life-long Republicans, die-hard Republicans, dedicated and determined Republicans.  So instead of just making their voices heard in a more constructive way and handing all those there now a “pink slip”, they have decided to throw a temper tantrum and galvanize behind Donald J. Trump.  A man whose only advantage is being able to say anything at any time and not fear ever being held accountable.  A man who could only work for himself because if he ever sought employment under anyone else he would be fired just as he loves to fire on his once well-known apprentice show.

GOP voters Temper tantrums, nearly place Sarah Palin next in line to president with John McCain now they gamble with this country and all its glory by choosing to fall in line behind Donald J. Trump.  I truly cannot understand how anyone can say they love this country and support its troops when they hired people who deny veterans any and all the benefits that they earned as well as place before the world a man like Donald J. Trump as its leader.  Knowing that what he says will never happened, tie up legislation in courts for years, cost even more billions than we already spend and make this nation look even more foolish than it already does.  Their temper tantrums are placing the country and all its citizens in jeopardy and gambling with the Fore Fathers hard fought wars to create a worthy nation.  The GOP voters are the catalyst behind it but make no mistake the match was struck and the fuse was lit buy the inability of the Republican Party to govern in any way, shape or form.  I hope that those GOP voters are not counting on the Democrats to step up and stop this from coming to reality because if I know the Democratic Party, they will all sit back and let this country go down the drain before they ever find the heart, soul, backbone, spine to lift a finger to save it, not as long as they can always have the GOP and its voters to blame it on.  


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