Teachable Moment-The Trump Saga

The older I get, the more I attempt to find a positive spin on anything that occurs.  I do this because it is easier for me to try and understand the motives of another if I can see things a little as they see them.  It helps me to reconcile myself with the fact that as the Bible tells us we should always respect another person’s truth.  It does not say we have to agree with it or even like it but it does ask us to respect it and in so doing we can now expect that they will respect our truth.

Listening to the latest in the Donald Trump Saga, many are talking about a rift in the party and those anti-Trump people may have a valid shot at winning and blocking him out while others are saying the exact opposite.  I don’t truly know which is right or wrong and neither is it my place to say either way.  I have never been given the power or authority to tell anyone whether they are right or wrong, I can only control and diagnosis my actions and advise myself.  This keeps me trying really hard to respect another’s truth.  I did find a positive spin on this whole thing that I would like to share with you however.

Now you have those who say that he is not a conservative or conservative enough but when will anyone be conservative enough for any other that they do not agree with?  There were those who first opposed him and now seek to kiss his ring and the voters who came out to vote overwhelmingly choose him to represent this nation in the presidential election.  Some call those who flipped-flopped and now seek his praise as weaklings but I see it as bowing to the will of the voters.  That’s right, voters have proven that they surely control their party and now that the numbers are in politicians, who first tried to distance themselves from him are looking at these numbers and falling into line.  Not because they love Trump but they do love their job and where can they find a job where they do nothing but still gets paid a healthy salary.  Not because they love Trump but they see a way now to maybe advance themselves and secure a much higher position than the one they occupy today.  They see the voters as telling them to stand with this guy or risk losing your job and to that they answer yes sir master, I shall stand with Donald Trump.  In this way, it should be proof to anyone watching just how truly powerful the power of the vote really is and isn’t that what the Founding Father envisioned when they cobbled together the constitution.  They wanted the voice of the people to be heard and honored.  So that’s a good thing.

The sad, scary and most disappointing part of all this is the willingness to gamble with what the Founding Fathers and so many in our history have worked, died and bled for to be tossed to the side just because of a few throwing a temper tantrum.  Already you see and hear other world leaders who look to America as a mentor on how they should act beginning to act more like what we have seen in the Trump Saga.  We have now set precedence for how elections will be ran and then we wonder why no other country respects us as they may have before.  All that those who came before who worked so hard to make this nation great are now standing in horror watching a country that they thought would evolve de-evolve.  A country that they thought would go forward and continue to move forward, take giant leaps backwards.  A country that those voters who claim to love more than anyone else and are willing to defend with their lives, call upon a reality TV personality to carry that flag to other countries and represent America.  I can respect their truth if they are willing to risk their very souls on this guy because in the end this will be a sin that they will have to answer for to the ultimate judge of right or wrong but I do not have to agree or like their choice and trust me when I say, I do not agree nor like this choice.  I will be casting my vote against this man, not because he is a bad man but of his bad ideas and the fact that no one is willing to say so to his face.  The Bible says you need to confront evil head on each and every day in each and every way, not run away from it or gamble with the lives of millions of others just to secure a better paying job but then that’s my truth and you do not have to agree with it or like it but is in within you simply to respect it?


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