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Media Chasing the Wrong Shiny Object

At some point one would think that all the venting of ideas and speculation as to why the Obama Administration is taking certain actions, someone would stumble upon this one.Regarding the Attorney General sitting down with journalist, off the record, many well-established, news bureaus say that they refuse to speak based on the off the record meeting with them because they want to be able to write about it.Some are sitting down because they say it is important to hear what the Justice Department has to say and that this issue needs to be addressed and finished.For me I say this.
I salute those who are willing to sit down because it says to me that they not only have nothing to hide or fear but that they are willing to help solve the problem instead of stretching it out to sell more page views, newspapers or increase viewership.Those who refuses, sends a message that they seek to keep this thing alive and may not really have anything worthwhile to help rid us of the problem of judicial …

Humans Caused the Deaths in Oklahoma not the Tornado or Climate Change

My heart goes out to the families of all victims whether it’s in Boston, Texas or Oklahoma, but it’s particularly distressing when it involves the lives of children.  The massive media coverage of the tornado that touched down in Moore, Oklahoma keeps me glued to the screen and praying out loud, hearing about the heroic actions of those teachers who shielded those kids with their bodies and the quick response of the first responders, American Red Cross, FEMA, state and local agencies, and the millions of volunteers all over this country makes me proud to live in such a country that quickly forget our differences to come together as one family.  God must be so proud of us when we put others above ourselves and pity differences to the side for the common good.  Having said that and meaning every word, there is another truth that is being ignored and avoided which must also be spoken and since no one else seems to want to say it out loud, I will.
If what I am hearing is to be believed and…

More Inaccurate Reporting by Media Makes Public More Skeptical

Now we all know that one news agency’s mishaps should never be used to paint the entire news industry but it does make it a little bit harder to believe what you hear.  This is another reason why news agencies should wait until they get the whole story before opening their mouths.  Some say that so-called news agencies like the Drudge Report are the cause of much of our discourse but truth be told, it’s now affected larger news companies like ABC.
In a rush to make breaking news, journalists are willing to do anything to get the story, even if it causes them to lie.  Someone must be held responsible and take accountability for these actions.  Firing of the journalist is not the solution because they are probably only responding to the pressure from management to get the story.  In the article below written by Alex Seitz-Wald for titled Watchdogs: ABC “in danger of losing a lot of credibility” on Benghazi saga, “you will proof of this. 
“After ABC News’ Jonathan Karl issued …

Finally Proof that the Culture of Sexual Harassment is not exclusive only to the Military

For so long sexual harassment has always been minimized by the public as nothing more than misunderstood and misinterpreted accounts of events.  Those claiming sexual harassment have always been looked upon as “troublemakers” and we were being led to believe that anything that they say could not be trusted.  While this may be the case and some of the allegation/cases, it cannot be true in all.  Individual liberties are being trampled on because those who are alleged to have committed this crime are rich, powerful, influential or untouchable.  This may be why Jesus wept for Jerusalem just before his murder.
Take a look at this story written for The Raw Story by David Edwards titled “Iowa Senate Republican staffer fired after reporting sexual harassment” but had to be tripped over before it could be checked and double checked by larger media centers.  These are the stories that should be breaking news instead of the back and forth childish games begin played out in Washington.  This type…

The Obama’s Justice Department Ends Reporting as We Know It?

One of my staples when it comes to cable news is the Rachel Maddow Show.  Not because she says everything that I want to hear but because she as well as Lawrence O'Donnell and sometimes Chris Matthews, get a hold of a certain subject and present it so that both sides are plain and it is easy to understand where each is coming from.  Like the rest of cable news, one can also plainly see where their allegiance lies but still is oftentimes seen as equal presentation of the facts.  This makes it quite enjoyable for a political news junkie, like me, to make an educated decision on which side I wish to rest or whether I create a much different view than any provided.
Rachel Maddow was speaking on how the monitoring of the Associated Press (AP) phones were the death of unbiased and investigative journalism.  She seemed to favor the “whistleblower” and seemed annoyed at the fact that the Obama Administration’s Justice Department handling of this matter would now cause “leakers” and “whistl…

The IRS Scandal and why We Should Be Amused

I am seriously not surprised that the GOP is all up in arms about this IRS scandal targeting conservative groups but what has surprised me is the uproar that liberals are waging against President Obama for this very same reason.  In their haste to appear law-abiding and courageous, they have forgotten or have chosen to forget about the many times this same agency as well as the CIA and FBI used to target liberal groups during the Bush Administration.  With all of the support staffs that cable news employ, you would think that a few of them would be allowed to research this topic more thoroughly before jumping in front of a camera.
I so enjoyed seeing President Obama saying that he was going to wait until more truths is revealed before taking action because if he listened to both the GOP and liberal “talking heads” he would surely shoot first and ask questions later.  This is the same actions that got us into a war that we did not need to wage and now have to pay for.  In one instance…

Is the Associated Press too big to Investigate?

Strange how the American soul works, don't you think?  Strong advocates of people’s rights stand on their soapbox and cry to the high heavens when they perceive that a wrong has been committed and should be made right.  These “do-gooders” come in all shapes and sizes, colors and political brands but what makes this story tower above the rest is now it affects the “hands-off” news agency itself.  The news media is in a tizzy about the Associated Press (AP) record seizure. It tells about these records being seized from many, if not all, of the AP’s offices in an effort to find the source of a leak about an al Qaeda bomb plot in Yemen.  Of course we hear nothing more about this leak or why it could be imperative that the source is located, all we hear about is how “unprecedented it is and how intrusive AP claims.  One then has to wonder why and the answer may be as plain as the nose on our faces.
The AP is where many, if not all, news agencies get their news.  It is supposed to be the…

When did the Political Life of a Politician Trump the Real Life of Gun Violence Victims?

When asked the only answer that you will probably hear from politicians who will not even vote for sensible gun legislation is that it is “political suicide”.  So one can assume that the hundreds of people losing their lives to guns are not as important to politicians. 
At what point did it become acceptable to do less for this nation as a whole and more for those who buy your soul.  The Bible tells us that a rich man has about as much chance getting into heaven as a camel has passing through the eye of a needle yet no one cares.  We all sit around on our backsides and allow politicians to follow the will of the rich instead of following the will of the people.  This anomaly is not only in the gun control debate, it is also prevalent in the immigration debate, war debate and every other political and judicial decision being made in this country and we call ourselves students of the Bible?
I wonder, if these same people who pay homage to the dollar will be able to convince God that t…

Neo-Cons to the Right of Me and Peaceniks to the Left of Me. Where do you stand?

Ever since George W. Bush had his grand opening and dedication of his new Library in Texas, the Neo-Cons have been out in full force trying to find another war where they can trick America into engaging a foreign enemy and a war that no one of them will ever physically participate in.  Reminds me of a bully or manipulator, like Satan, who gets others to fight their battles for them, risking not one hair on their balding scalps.  It’s like not allowing any kind of conflict to go without a war attached to it. 
Then you have the Peaceniks who also are using the revision of the Iraq War found on full spectacle in the George W. Bush Library allowing them to make their point that we all should be making “love not war”.  That if we just stick our heads in the sand and pretend that we are all alone here in this universe; the universe would leave us alone.  In the words of Jesus Christ, both are fools and hypocrites.  So where do you stand? 
Are you solidly in the corner of one or the other or…

The Truth behind the Recent Gun Violence

Was watching the Lawrence O’Donnell Show “The Last Word” and heard about the story of the 5 year old Kentucky boy shooting and killing his 2 year old sister with his new rifle purchase for his recent birthday.  Afterwards began to think just what it is that is causing, normally, intelligent people to engage in to such ill-intelligent actions.  As parents, many of us do all that we can to keep our children safe, we try and protect them from all harm even going as far as having them believe in the Tooth Fairy, Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny.  So are we so very silent or extremely naive when it comes to children and guns?  I entertained the” why” for quite some time and can only think of two good reasons.  One is, we are quickly coming close to “the end of days” but if this one is too scary for you, try my next one.
Before I educate you on that here is a little from the story about the previously mentioned 5 year old Kentucky boy who shot his 2 year old sister.  It was written by Katie …

Personal Reflections-The Taking of Oneself too Serious

The most consistent question we face as a society is the question “why”.  Why people do what they do or say what they said.  What sparked them to act in any particular way?  This seems to be our primary focus in life and even though we lie to ourselves and each other about why we want to know, it peaks our curiosity each and every time.  We often lie to ourselves and others when we say we want to know to try and understand when we really mean we want to know so that we may use that same reasoning if we ever have that need.  This is quite evident in when one minute we are condemning another for their actions or lack thereof only to be caught later on not acting or acting in the very same manner.
Taking oneself far too serious is the primary reason why for any and all actions, reactions and lack of actions that transpires in our lives.  When one believe above all else that it’s their feelings, thoughts, ideas and or beliefs that are paramount and of more importance than others is taking …