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The Up-Side to President-Elect Trump

To the die-hard Democrats and strong supporters of Hillary Clinton, it is very difficult to find any up-side to the stealing of an election by 15 people who makes the ultimate decision of who will lead this country and to the die-hard Conservatives and strong supporters of Donald Trump, it is a time to celebrate and speak the words that avoided them often which is “just give the man a chance”.
Now many questions comes to mind none of which seems more relevant than the idea that a female is ill-equipped to lead a nation such as this one but there is one that seems to escape even the most intelligent of our species which is when has a nation built to serve people is better served if we run this country as a business rather than as a nation of people.
So far, those being interviewed for key positions is more of a who’s who of those less concerned about unity and more concerned about their own specific ideology.  This strikes fear in many and elation in others all the while the rest of us s…

The Beauty of a Trump Presidency

Let’s not get it twisted and make no mistake, I have never been and will never be a Trump supporter but now that the choice has been made, it’s time to put away the pitchforks and torches and get down to the business of this country.  Regardless of how you feel either way, we still have a job to do as Americans and that is making sure that we minimize any and all damages by those we choose to lead us or those chosen to lead us by others.
If you think that this election was stolen by the Electoral College, as I do, then the first thing we have to do is make a decision.  Do we remove those who made this choice or do we remove the power that they used to make it?  These are our only real choices because sitting around and complaining about the results will get us nowhere accept more frustrated, angry and exactly where those who have always believed that America was not the land of opportunity we claim all over the world.  If you think that those who voted for him was wrong then the only c…

Has the Electoral Commission/College become obsolete?

To a person, I am sure that you will hear that this nation was founded on the principal of inclusion.  Where people of many different cultures, races and religions could come and be welcomed.  It was founded on the idea that it didn’t matter where you came from or who your family was, the only thing that mattered is your willingness to work hard for what you receive and your acceptance of the rules and regulations set down by those elected to represent the nation’s people as a whole.  These ideas seem now to be lost after the Clinton versus Trump presidential election.  It appears that now it is time to revisit a subject that many feel has been resolved long ago but as history really does have a tendency to do, it has repeated itself yet again.
The major thought of citizens having a voice in who they wish to lead them has always been a cornerstone of thought but given very little consideration until recent events has now placed this thought front and center.  It is reported and believe…

Personal Bias by Military Commanders and their Staff contributes to Active Duty Suicides

When you assume the rank of supervisor within any of the branches of the U. S. Armed Forces beginning at E-4, with it comes the responsibility of troop welfare.  Today, troop welfare has been down-graded on the list of paramount trait required to lead and it appears so far down that list now, many often forget it is even there.  This seems to be the condition that many military commanders and their staff are suffering from right now.  The mission is no longer making sure that their troops are properly prepared and ready to engage at all times, the mission is protecting those in command and the upper echelon from anything that could possibly make waves or result in being skipped over for promotion.  Today, commanders and their staff ignore troop welfare and even troop equipment by concentrating more on troop numbers and anything that will embarrass the command.
Today’s troops cannot be compared to yesterday’s troops because of how much things have changed.  Post-Traumatic Stress Disorde…