The Up-Side to President-Elect Trump

To the die-hard Democrats and strong supporters of Hillary Clinton, it is very difficult to find any up-side to the stealing of an election by 15 people who makes the ultimate decision of who will lead this country and to the die-hard Conservatives and strong supporters of Donald Trump, it is a time to celebrate and speak the words that avoided them often which is “just give the man a chance”.

Now many questions comes to mind none of which seems more relevant than the idea that a female is ill-equipped to lead a nation such as this one but there is one that seems to escape even the most intelligent of our species which is when has a nation built to serve people is better served if we run this country as a business rather than as a nation of people.

So far, those being interviewed for key positions is more of a who’s who of those less concerned about unity and more concerned about their own specific ideology.  This strikes fear in many and elation in others all the while the rest of us still stand stunned and greatly confused.  We wonder now if the 20 million who now have health insurance will lose it.  We wonder now if seniors who was already having issues choosing between eating and getting their medicine will now have that choice made for them and we wonder if veterans suffering from things like PTSD, TBI or medical issues from exposure to contaminated drinking water or herbicides will now face an insurance industry who sees these as pre-existing conditions.  We wonder just how influential this nation will be in meetings with other leaders or will it be more about padding bottom lines of those in charge.  We wonder these and so many other things but what we have failed to consider is every cloud has a silver lining and maybe this election has given us a chance to find it’s silver lining.

As human beings we often get far too comfortable and lazy when things are going well.  We get so comfortable that we ignore the forecast of storms to come, elect to stay in our homes and soon crave a change.  Now we have that change and the silver lining may just be us finally beginning to see just how good we had it because as we all know, you never really know or appreciate something until it’s gone.  Gone may be the days where we could convince ourselves that we were getting better as a country and further toward that more perfect union but maybe this is why it’s happening to show us just how far we had made it and just how much harder we all are going to have to work to not only regain what we may lose but what we need to do to advance even further before this need to destroy ourselves from within strikes again.


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