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The Infidelity of Man

Be it known to all who read this that I am not an expert in relationships, dating or human nature nor do I play one on television.I am only a mere layman with the power of observation and that power, which is shared by all of us, is where I come from with this revelation.I am sure that you have read or heard of hundreds of articles about why people cheat but none that I have ever seen or heard of have mentioned what I consider the number one reason.
Many have been preaching that the reason men cheat is because it’s part of their DNA or some animal instinct.I think these reasons are just an excuse and with any excuse if you play it long enough people will start to believe it and do nothing more than except it as fact.Many preach that the reason women cheat is because it is to even the “playing” field for both the sexes or just plainly to get even.Again, it is my belief that these are excuses and fall along the same line as previous stated.Here is what it’s all about.
It all should start …

TV Show Rules of Engagement Review

Not being a particular fan of the show, I was present to watch Season 5, Episode 4, series called Handy Man.While I believe that Patrick Warburn/Jeff and Mehyn Price/Andrey are well worth watching the show, I could not help but to feel sick after seeing the relationship between David Spade/Russell and Adhir Kalyan/Timmy.
I guess the writers on this show still feel that indentured servitude is still funny because viewing how little Russell seemed to value Timmy made me ill.I guess having to say sir to someone who thinks so little of you that you must scrap all the little seeds from his sandwich bothers me greatly.People are free to choose the style of life that they wish to lead and in this story, if Timmy wishes to follow Russell around like some lost little puppy then so be it but for me, this show will never grace my TV watching schedule again.I think the real reason I have such a problem with this dynamic is that Timmy cannot find the spine to just say no.
Rules of Engagement can be …

How Regulations can keep a Company Profitable

If you listen to the many lawmakers in Washington and in local areas, one would be forced to believe that regulations are the sole reason why the economy collapsed and why it is recovering so slowly.One would be dead wrong.
Regulations can help businesses more than it can hurt it.There are three major ways how regulations does just that but seldom are these heard because they just might not fit the image many would like for the public to see.As many of us are very much aware, a falsehood/lie has to dressed up before being paraded around which often times draws our attention while the truth is always plain and clear to see but without the dressing is often ignored.
Regulations help businesses by requiring the best possible ingredients be used for any product made in America.How that helps business is this forces business to use the best possible ingredients and thereby allowing them to claim that high quality mantle.Americans do not mind paying a little more for a better quality product …

Why Disposable Income is Essential to Business

We all know that in order to thrive as a business you need customers but in order to get customers they have to have an avenue to pay for your product.If customers are to have an avenue to pay for your product, they need to have access to a job.In order for businesses to hire they need customers to buy their products.It’s as plain as the nose on your face that in order to make all of this happen the first thing any economy needs to do is to create as many jobs as possible.
In business school, we are taught that this is mainly called supply and demand.You supply the products people want and need to buy but that number is very much related to the demand that is out there for that product.You may have the best product ever but if the demand is not there, it will not sell.Customers having disposable income are and always will be the difference between thriving and surviving for any business.It can be said that disposable income is the same as demand.It is a proven fact that when disposable…

One Possible Reason why Suicides are high among our Returning Veterans

As a former U.S. Marine, I quite often find myself attempting to meet the standards set up by those in power and seldom do I ever match any of them.I am held responsible for keeping your freedoms free and accomplishing the mission that allows those in power to obtain that power but even that is not good enough collateral to secure a loan or run your business.
In the military, you are mostly graded on your ability to follow orders, accomplish the mission and the time you have spent dedicated to your particular job.When that life is over and you are integrated into the civilian world, it’s a rude awakening to learn that the promises made are not the promises kept.When you wore the uniform of the U. S. Armed Forces, people come up to you all the time to express their gratitude for your willingness to lay down your life to keep the joy in theirs but as soon as you disrobe from that obligation, so goes all that goodwill.
You are charged with keeping America safe but now you cannot get the be…

Mitt Romney’s low poll numbers is a warning to America

If you are a political junkie, like me, you have probably chosen your ideal place to receive your fix but all of them are missing a vital lesson being provided by these early poll numbers.
Many are aware of the inability of Mitt Romney to garner more than 25% of the vote from the Republican base and their reason is that the base does not like Mitt Romney.I suggest that there is another more obvious reason which is not being reported by these same experts, pundits and commentators.The lesson is America is seeking someone with a spine that is willing to show a tiny particle of respect to all that they are running to represent.This is not the case for Mitt Romney.He is avoiding all those areas where he may not be welcomed with open arms but these are the same areas which will be looking to him for leadership if he intends to occupy the White House.
Regardless of what you think of Barack Obama, there was no part of America he would avoid and many times was found standing right smack in the …

Did the Occupy Wall Street Movement inspire the NBA Players Stand?

In order to understand this question, I will attempt to set the stage and the parts that each actor is playing.NBA Owners and David Stern will be casted as Wall Street and Congress refusing to help create jobs, ESPN and the other media will be playing the part of Fox News while the NBA players will be playing the part of the 99ers or laborers.
The players are really the ones who are putting the butts in the seats and why tickets sell, it is not how expensive the arena looks or feel that draws the crowds and even though many of the laborers receive a hefty salary for their work, there is still a such thing as respect that right now appears more important that a paycheck.NBA Owners and David Stern have been running roughshod over this group for years and using money as the carrot to make the workers mind unwilling to accept that their titles does not declare them the soul reason for the billions which pad their bank accounts.It has gotten to the point that the Players Union was no longer…

No Love for Herman Cain

I tire of hearing some African-Americans who say that Herman Cain is not getting a break from the news media.What they should be saying is those around Herman Cain are not as in love with him as they pretend and is therefore only using him to get what they can while they can.
Some of you may ask why I say this and to keep it quite simple it’s because if you cared as much about Herman Cain as some say they do, the bonehead mistake that he makes while making all African-American look like backwards people would not be happening.If you cared enough, you would make sure that when he speaks, he speaks from some position of some knowledge instead of playing this entire exercise as a game or something to have fun with.This is a serious job requiring a serious person.We have had enough court jesters in the Oval Office we do not need one in the run up to the nomination.
Herman Cain claimed to be the Koch Brothers brother from another mother and we all know that they have billions of dollars at t…

Nine Children lost their innocence before Joe Paterno lost his Job

For 15 years, Penn State University officials knew about the robbing of innocence children of their self-esteem and self-worth but did nothing except hide behind the wall of ignorance.Each did just enough to help them sleep at night but none did all that they could to help them rest peacefully.It has always been said that what you do in the dark will eventually find its way into the light.Welcome to the light Coach Paterno, Coach Sandusky and Happy Valley.
Many commentators, pundits and reporters are shocked by this news and some still are only speaking of Joe Paterno’s legacy and his “good” name.For these people, let me put your mind at ease, Joe Paterno will still get into the Hall of Fame and his wins will still be printed in the records books.His legacy will not suffer but I cannot say that about his soul.Like that of the Catholic Church, when these allegations were first brought to light back in 1998, there was a moral obligation for those entrusted with the safety and welfare of …

The Republican Debate, Rick Perry sinks while Herman Cain remain

To say that the Republican Debate conducted by CNBC was painful to watch is an understatement.I had hoped to hear something different and find a reason to be positive about the upcoming 2012 election but was greatly disappointed.I cared not about the accusations of sexual harassment involving Herman Cain but I was glad to hear him being asked about character.I cringed when Rick Perry spoke about the agencies he would close and so many other things.
It was nice to hear Jon Huntsman respond to the questions asked of him and even though I may not agree with much of what he said, it was the only highlights that I can point to.I wonder when the “real” Republicans are going to stand up and declare that the 23% does not speak for them and instead of trying to take this country back to the 1800s, take the party back from the Tea Party first.We need a different set of voices to help us make the best decision for this nation’s benefit as a whole but what we can sorely do without is the labels wh…

Why Bill Clinton is a God send for Obama

Many reporters, commentators and pundits are now on a tear about Bill Clinton’s new book and while that may be good for book sales, it leaves a lot to be desired about the controversy that supposedly exists between Bill Clinton and Barack Obama.
There needs to always be a differencing of opinions when it comes to which direction this country should go.We need to have it because not one person knows everything and often times will over-look something which could be sorely needed when it comes to decision that need to be made.Because President Clinton is a completely different man than President Obama, having him around gives the Obama Administration something else to consider before a decision is made.Obama has always maintained that he needs people around him that will challenge his ideas and Bill Clinton as well as many others surrounding this president will do just that.Mr. Clinton proves that you can disagree with anyone without being disagreeable and while I know that the media is …

Why the GOP dislikes the Occupying Wall Street Crowd

Simply speaking it is because they backed the wrong horse.When the Tea Party emerged the GOP left a vapor trail attempting to co-op them because they were speaking the language that they wanted to hear and it benefitted them in their opposition to this president and his administration.Now comes Occupy Wall Street and the message is distinctly different from that of the Tea Party so they cannot switch horses now that the race has started.
The GOP constantly use the words “the American people” but polls show that the majority supports much of what the Tea Party does not.They stepped out there to grab a hold of the Tea Party reigns and for a while there seemed to be getting their points across.That was before the true owners of the Tea Party revealed themselves and all hell broke loose.Now they favor a smaller government except in the case of standing between a woman’s rights and their doctors or an individual’s choice in religion, not to mention who people can love.
Occupy Wall Street car…

House GOP quest for power at full display on C-Span

I, like many I am sure, were taken for a ride when the new crop of Republicans vowed to dedicate their election to office toward job creation.I did not appreciate the skepticism of Democrats and Independents that stayed home during the midterm elections but thought that the GOP would at least follow through on their promise of jobs.Now that they have been in control of the House of Representatives and not passed one jobs bill, makes me regret not making more of a fuss prior to the conclusion of the midterms but what makes things even worse was seeing their true agenda plainly displayed on C-Span yesterday.
C-Span showed the House’s Energy and Commerce Committee debating the authority needed to subpoena the White House about the Solyndra loan.While I support this committee finding out what happened and making the necessary laws to insure that it does not happen again, I was taken aback to see that the real purpose of this exercise was to give the head of this committee carte-blanc to wr…

Are Class-Action Lawsuits becoming the newest Get-Rich Scheme?

Maybe it’s just me but lately I’ve been noticing an increase in class-action lawsuits being brought by attorney’s on behalf of those who would otherwise have no voice or way to receive justice.While I can support this need for equality, I also can’t help but think that there may be more to it than meets the eye.
I say this because I was once asked to join a class-action lawsuit where there had been proven illegal activity and having lost a generous amount of money; personally, the received settlement was miniscule compared to the amount which was supposedly set aside by the judge.The set-aside amount of in the millions yet my portion of the settlement amounted to less than $20.I then had to ask the question of just how much the attorney’s representing the plaintiffs received. I fear that the same thing may happen in the case of Black Farmers getting their justice.Michael Hewlett of the Winston-Salem Journal reports in his article that a Judge has approved a second settlement for black f…

Who is truly responsible of North Carolina Sterilization Program?

Michelle Kessel and Jessica Hopper presented a story for Rock Center on the North Carolina sterilization program that targeted women, young girls and blacks.I the article they speak about Elaine Riddick who was raped at the age of 13 and without her knowledge was sterilized.Talk about the over-reach of government. In the article they spoke with now Governor of North Carolina who said “From my perspective, and as a woman, and as the governor of this state, this is not about the money.There isn’t enough money in the world to pay these people for what has been done to them, but money is part of the equation.”The main issue right now is reported to be just how much money should be awarded to the victims of this state government over-reach.The decision on who should be sterilized was the job of what was called “a five-person state eugenics board in Raleigh, Eugenics was a scientific theory that grew in popularity during the 1920s.Eugenicists believed that poverty, promiscuity and alcoholism…

Herman Cain’s accusation involving Rick Perry is a double edge sword

Many mainstream pundits and talking heads of the GOP were quick to blame the outing of Herman Cain sexual harassment incident on Democrats and some even called it another “lynching” as was mentioned in the Clarence Thomas Hearings.Now that it appears the incident may have been leaked by those within his own party, those who first claimed this is suspiciously quiet.
What may be getting lost in this entire endeavor is that Mr. Cain’s team may have leaked this themselves and playing the media for their own gain.Consider this, blame the Perry campaign and raise millions of dollars by gathering a larger part of the Republican elective,This ensure that Perry will not be the one to contend with Mitt Romney for the Republican nominee for President.The more people who side with Cain, the less Perry will garner and eventually may be forced to withdraw.Why else would you implicate anyone without providing proof?Now Rick Perry is attempting the same thing by pushing suspicion on to the Romney camp…

GOP quick to speak on behalf of American public but refuses to listen

Before President Obama could meet with the Republican, they met and decided not to assist this president with anything and this was shortly after he had been inaugurated.From day one it was apparent that nothing this president supported would receive any embarrass from the GOP.They had a pretty good argument in the beginning when they were asking the question of how the policies this president wanted would be paid for.
That argument is no longer valid and it seems that many looking on have figured that out except for those in the position to make life better for those they were set to serve.They then created the myth that the 1% or job creators were against paying a little more in taxes and it was their job to protect business from being gouged by this administration.Even though polls overwhelmingly showed that the majority was in favor of what the president was proposing, the GOP still leaned on the premise that taxes should not be raised in a recession.
That argument had merit but not…

Texas Judge Discipline of daughter is proof of parents going over-board

You-tube video of a father and mother disciplining their 16 year old daughter has created a firestorm about child abuse.Texas Judge William Adams and wife Hallie was shown using a belt to whip daughter Hillary because she was caught downloading music from the internet.To Hillary the punishment did not fit the crime and according to wife Hallie, she was forced to participate.
While I am a strong supporter of this form of discipline, I am saddened that these parents took it way too far.I have always advocated that before any parent begins this form of punishment, they need to first remain calm, explain the reason for the punishment and then proceed following the rules as they have set down.No offense is worthy of striking a child more than 3 times and in most cases once.What this demonstrates to me is the lack of control by both parents.
The Aransas County Court-at-Law Judge appears to have been influenced by anger instead of resolve. He may have been upset by something that happened at w…

Ann Coulter’s false claim of Conservatism Ownership

I was somewhat taken aback when I heard Ann Coulter saying something close to “our blacks are better than theirs”.When did her Republican Party take ownership of conservatism?
Being a conservative is not limited to any party and does not tag anyone as a particular member of any party.There are conservatives who are members of the Democratic Party as well as Independents.It has never been a big part of any real party to label themselves as one party or another.We are mostly conservative in some areas while being liberal in others.We can hold principles from all areas while following either party.This explains why many of us may agree with those of our own party while also disagreeing with them at the same time.
History has taught us that being so lamented in one phase or another limits our ability to compromise and make the tough decision necessary for the betterment of a nation.No one should ever be in any situation where they refuse to be educated.You can disagree with the plans of ano…

The Future of the Republican Party

Listening to President Barack Obama’s speech today about infrastructure spending tells me that if Mr. Obama continues on this path, the road to the White House by any Republican will be long and hard.
We all remember Senator Mitch McConnell’s direction to his party to make this president a one-termer.Their idea was to do everything that they could to keep unemployment high and block every idea he supports.They could not have been more wrong.What this is showing voters is that even if unemployment numbers are high, blocking things that will help Americans or not proposing one job bill or doing anything that will benefit the majority; they too cannot be trusted to govern.
The Republican party is not making the choice of enduring their party to the American public, they are showing that they cannot be trusted to govern and are willing to let this country fail apart just to try and prove a point about this administration.Pundits are saying that this election will be close and the president …

Power of the People

America wonders why politicians do not hear them when they speak except when it’s close to election time, but Occupy Wall Street and its off-shoots all over the world is beginning to change that.
When Occupy Wall Street protestors decided to collect signatures of individuals willing to close out their accounts with Chase, Wells Fargo and Bank of America, the banks finally decided to honor their customers by putting them before profit when they cancelled the proposal to raise surcharges.The main argument about falling profits is the same for big business as it is for government.
Every time there appears to be a need to reduce spending, government looks immediately at the salaries or income of those in the middle class and if you listen closely to their talking points, they will say that the biggest expense is payroll.Government also looks to cut programs that serve the middle class and poorest among us.Now here comes big business doing the exact same thing.Charging you more to use your m…

Why Michelle Bachman cannot quit now.

We all have heard that a Tea Party group is requesting that Republican Presidential Nominee Michele Bachman step down as a candidate but maybe the reason she hasn’t is as simple as the nose on your face.
Ms. Bachman may be looking at this run as an opportunity to elevate her status in the political arena and provide her an opening to have a bestselling book sometime in the future.She probably saw herself as a better possible candidate than Sarah Palin but like Palin would resign herself to a book deal, king maker and a reality show star.
We must ask ourselves if this is not where the status of our political world is.The status of not asking what we can do for our nation but what our nation can do for us.Have we really become that selfish where only our thoughts, ideas and desires matter and not the welfare of our country.We need to demand that if you take on the job of serving and protecting America, you must do all that you can to accomplish that mission and will be held accountable if…