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To Make History or Become History, That is the Question-Rockford's Gettysburg Address

It is not often that a single choice can allow a city to effect history.  It is not often that a city can fundamentally change the way all cities are funded.  It is not often that a simple slight change of course could not only alter the way government works but prove an old adage true.  That a rising tide raises all boats and Rockford, IL has an opportunity to make history and forever be remembered as the city that changes the course of human events.
It should not come as any surprise to those who are truly paying attention, the  old way of funding government has ran its course.  It was first thought that an idea of funding from the top down was ideal but that soon failed because of the logistics and the true lack of willingness by those at the top.  Some refer to this method as “trickle-down” economics and even though there are still those who think that if we keep trying it, it will work.  There are many that know better.
The other option was to reduce expenses without increasing rev…

The Daily Fight to Crush Evil and Reclaim our Souls

The world is going to hell in a hand basket simply because of God’s children have grown far too big for their britches.  The arrogance of man has spread from father to son, mother to daughter for centuries, decades and eons.  It is passed down from generation to generation and diluted with a belief that to honor one you have to dishonor another.  The offspring’s fail to learn from the lessons of the parent.
God is our one and only father, we were made in his image and thus are only a spirit.  The body our spirit occupies was made from dirt and clay so as the body decay, the spirit remains.  During our existence within this fragile shell, we can grow in spirit and become the child God knows us to be or we can choose to limit our expansion by following the selfish impulses of mortals.
God’s one and only mistake was to attempt to govern the behavior of man with 10 rules.  He soon learned that his was not doable and rather than continue to risk the lives of his children who seriously attemp…