The Daily Fight to Crush Evil and Reclaim our Souls

The world is going to hell in a hand basket simply because of God’s children have grown far too big for their britches.  The arrogance of man has spread from father to son, mother to daughter for centuries, decades and eons.  It is passed down from generation to generation and diluted with a belief that to honor one you have to dishonor another.  The offspring’s fail to learn from the lessons of the parent.

God is our one and only father, we were made in his image and thus are only a spirit.  The body our spirit occupies was made from dirt and clay so as the body decay, the spirit remains.  During our existence within this fragile shell, we can grow in spirit and become the child God knows us to be or we can choose to limit our expansion by following the selfish impulses of mortals.

God’s one and only mistake was to attempt to govern the behavior of man with 10 rules.  He soon learned that his was not doable and rather than continue to risk the lives of his children who seriously attempted to follow those rules, he made another covenant and made it the path to him and salvation. As he was doing this, one of his most chosen, an Archangel, the first born felt as though he should be the one who inherits the earth and all that God had built.  He became bitter, angry, resentful and vengeful.  His attempt to dethrone God did not fare well and soon realized that it was futile to try so he choose the next best thing.  The one thing he felt that God loved more than him.  He chooses to set his sights on us.

Now knowing that we had the power to rebuke him and was obviously more powerful than him, he had to devise a way to convince us to allow him in because only with our permission could he ever be powerful enough to control, manipulate and ultimately defeat us.  His strategy was simple, convince us that we are bigger, better and smarter than God.  His tactics was play to our egos and his strategy has and continues to work.  He took what God has built and re-shaped it to fit his image.  The image of a selfish and wayward child throwing a tantrum because daddy won’t give him everything he wants.  God learned from the 10 commandments but we didn’t.  God decided that instead of controlling his children’s behavior, he would endow us with the ability to think for ourselves, reason for ourselves and share with each other the results.  He bet on the fact, that no matter how much evil we do or allow others to do in our name, we would eventually find our way and his children would come home to stay.

Evil bets on the fact that given enough urging. Our egos would grow so large that they will not be able to maintain this shell.  He made it appear that we could do what God couldn’t and that was control and manipulate the behavior of others.  When we first thought this controlling thing was a success, we began to fall in love with it and now we embrace this thought and action as if it is truly the will of God.  We tell people how to act, how to feel, what to say and what they see.  We tell them that without us, they are nothing and exist only to serve those most able to appear stronger, more intelligent and more influential than others.  We convince them that thinking for themselves is wrong and immoral.   That finding their own way through the darkness makes them blind and since they are the only ones with sight, we need to latch on and just enjoy the ride.  Do as we say and ignore what we do.  Follow our rules even if those rules appear not to apply to them.  They tell us this even as they know that we are much more powerful than that and to break this hold, all we simply have to do is say those 5 words.  “Get hence behind me Satan”. 

With those 5 little words, we reclaim our place in God’s eye and defend him against all others as he has defended us for so long.  We take back our power and can begin to grow into that spirit that God already knows us to be and we can set the example for all to follow if reclaiming their souls is their goals.


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