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The Indecency of a Lie

Did you know that the EPA has designated about 164 different military installations that were discovered to have cancer causing agents mixed into its water supply?What this means is many who severed on these installations and those living around it may have been exposed.You have to go to and see if any base, on which you were stationed or resided around for a minimal of 30 days, appears.For me personally, it was surprising and quite frightening to see that I had served or operated from 7 of them.Two years ago in August2011, President Obama signed legislation mandating VA health care for this and that’ s a great step but its only one step of the many more we need to take.All veterans appreciate the love most Americans shows us but what we really need is to know that once the fight for freedom is over, we do not have to fight to survive.Many leaders knew about this long before and many governmental personnel did nothing until forced.Veterans p…

Hell in a Hand Basket

If it has ever been a wonder to you or anyone you know, what is happening to this world some of us call home?The answer may be much simpler than you think.I, like many others, have our own ideas and no one can really say if we are right or wrong.All that they can do is agree or disagree; having said that, here is why I think the phrase “hell in a hand basket” fits what’s happening to all of us right now.
Growing up in Brownsville, Tennessee, it was felt that each of us had a purpose.Even though we did not know exactly what that was, it was an idea embraceable because it made each of us feel very special in our own way.This feeling seems no more and either is it being taught to our kids who shall one day replace us as guardians of this planet.We have become so self-centered and complacent that we no longer care what happens to our neighbor as long as what is going on over there does not spill over into our yards.
This is not only who we are NOT but goes against the very essence of what w…