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Violent Shooting at Newtown is not about Gun Control

Many of us stand glued to our television sets this morning listening to the horrendous story about a shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut.Some have already began questioning whether if we had stronger gun control could this and other recent shootings could have been avoided.My answer is simply “no”.
My reasoning for saying this can be easily discerned from those recent events especially when compared in contrast to what recently happened in an elementary school in China.Imagine a country where no citizen has the right to carry, conceal or bear firearms.Yet violence does happen and as the example in China where it was a stabbing of several people instead of a shooting, to say that China should now outlaw knives makes no sense.It is time we begin to place the blame squarely where it belongs and that is on the person or persons committing the acts.
Now don’t get me twisted, no “real” hunter needs a 32 clip magazine to enjoy their sport.If any hunter requires tha…

Susan Rice Withdraws her Name and Empowers Radicals

We learned today that Susan Rice has decided to withdraw her name from contention because she said it would bog down the confirmation process.She spoke like a lady who see this as something bigger than her which is commendable but still gives “wayward” lawmakers an excuse to keep playing games instead of doing the job they were hired to do.
Tell military members that their welfare is far less important than making up “talking points” to get on television or try to make a president look bad. To say you love this country but fail to pass the jobs bill or hold up advancement of this nation for the billionaires makes no sense.What has happened to a party who once champion military service? What has happened to a party that once champions the worth of individuals over interest?
Three major “loudmouths” and “weak minded” political pundits saw an opportunity to better their standing in the senate and cared less about the results of their actions.They have now been empowered to close their eyes…

The Christian Way to Solve Conflict

Experts of all kinds have their own ways of trying to solve the world problems and the harder they try the further behind the problem we seem to end of up.Many say because the roads to settling conflicts are bulky and complicated.Well I disagree; my thought is conflicts of all kind can easily be settled by following the word of God.A small piece of my argument is below.
The Middle East Conflict centers around what the Israelites want and what Hamas say they deserve but it goes much deeper than that.Neither will ever be satisfied if they were able to get everything that they desire, why because their opposition to each other has nothing to do with policies, procedures or ideology. It is simply a misguided romance with material things and nothing more.Same can be said about the Religious Right in this country and the ignorance of both parties which govern our nation.It’s about who is more powerful and more influential and yes also the same simple misguided romance with material things.Th…

Hurricane Sandy-An Act of God or Arrogance of Man

Before we really get started here, first please allow me to offer my thoughts and prayers to those most affected by Hurricane Sandy whether directly or indirectly.We all stand together as brothers and sisters to offer any support that we can from physical labor, to donations and yes even in spirit.Having said that let me now complete my obligation to the purpose of writing this.

Hurricane Sandy, like many other natural disasters are sometimes called “an act of God” for insurance purpose as well as to help many explain why it took place.I find myself questioning that logic now more than ever because I have been exposed to a different point of view.I awoke this morning with a burning desire to pen this article and I cannot honestly tell you why.All I know is that when I get a calling such as this one, I am compelled to follow it. And so here we go.

When God first turned this world over to Adam and Eve, it was perfect.Its abundance was here for all of us to share in and no one would need t…

Mitt’s Motivation for Letting Detroit go Bankrupt

Many have asked the question of why a Presidential Nominee would ever think about not supporting the backbone of this nation, it’s middle class.Not many have offered an answer to this dilemma that is until now.

Imagine being conditioned and educated that industry knows best of how to make a countryman rich and getting there by your own sweat and tears is not the most productive of ways to accomplish this feat.We look back at the history of Mr. Willard Mitt Romney and we find a gentleman who has been blessed with the ability to lure people to his way of thinking from the time he took a bunch of fellow students with him to give one of their classmates a haircut to the time where he created a company designed to acquire, break up and sell off failing companies while making a pretty good profit for all those following his lead.He had discovered a legal way to rob from the poor and give to the rich.This aggressiveness made him one of the most successful business persons in his era and made …

The Tale of Two Debates-Obama vs. Romney 1

Having not being able to view the Obama-Romney Debate live and in person, I subjected myself to hearing the recap from pundits, commentators and those experts who seem to have their finger on the pulse of the political events shaping our world.  According to them, I half expected to see Mitt Romney as an aggressive overseer, holding a whip and taming both Barack Obama and the moderator Jim Lehr.  The vision I had was Romney’s complete command from beginning to end and Obama just standing in a corner somewhere refusing to look in Romney’s direction in fear of being lashed for disobedience.  However after watching it in it’s entirety, the debate that I saw was completely different than the one I had heard about.  This made me begin to questioned if I had witnessed a completely different one.

The one that I saw, showed me how gracious Obama really is toward someone he disagrees with.  It showed me that he could deliver a devastating and direct hit to his opponent but not to the untraine…

While I was Raising Other People’s Children, Someone else was Raising Mine

When you feel like you have been in a prize fight and could not defend yourself from the massive amounts of blows thrown by your opponent.  When you thought you had a handle on your opposition only to find yourself trying to dodge a flurry of punches.  Some landing and some glancing but each one inflicting a little damage all the same.  During these times, you realize that this is not a title fight nor is it a dream or a figment of your imagination.  This is life, plain and simple and if you are going to play it, buckle up because it will be a long and bumpy ride.

Why so gloom you ask, well I have just discovered that there is a very strong possibility that I have two beautiful daughters that I never got a chance to know, watch grow or hold.  Their names are April and Ashley and they lived in my dreams.  They have relocated into my heart and there they have built a mansion to remain for the rest of my days.  You see, I had taken a military doctor’s word that I would not father anothe…

If it is Cancer that I have, It will never Defeat Me

On November 13, 2008, I received a letter from the Commandant of the Marine Corps.  Now for those who might not know who that is or know that my prior life was served as a United States Marine from 1980 till 1991, the Commandant is the top executive in the Marines.  He is the guy who sets the policies, procedures and standards that all Marines must live by.  Getting that letter, made me first wonder why he was writing me and if the Marines had finally gotten around to issuing my overdue medals or was there another sinister meaning for this letter.  What I discovered after reading that letter would prove more devastating  than I could have known.

The letter was actually from Major General E.G. Payne, Assistant Deputy Commandant, thanking me for taking part in a study  that was seeking to see if there was a link between individuals who had lived and worked at Camp LeJeune between 1957 and 1987 and the cancer causing toxins dumped in the drinking water.  A few weeks later I received ano…

Republican Party adds credence to the label “The Angry Black Man”

Since Mitt Romney won the Republican Party nomination for President, we have heard nothing but negative comments on the job being performed by Obama.  There were negative comments before but not as often as they have been lately.  Also present are the assist that the Romney campaign is receiving from outside groups and those who seem to have a burning desire to hate this president.

The label “angry black man” is what was expected by those who view this president as less than they are but the more they attack him both professionally and personally, they can not seem to get him to react in that manner.  So many may now be wondering why I say that the GOP has given credence to this label, I ask you to consider this.

Many from the minority groups have been demanded an equal playing field and claiming that they are always at a disadvantage.  Image doing and following every rule established to get ahead only after accomplishing them do you find that there have now been several more added. …

My Favorite Moments of the DNC Convention

My favorite moments was less about speeches and more about, sometimes, missed actions by those who participated.  The little things that makes one heart sing and reinforce your belief in the goodness of people.

One of these was the sincere look Michelle Obama had on her face when she spoke about how her husband sat and read those letters, committing and re-committing himself to doing whatever he could to ease their pain.  Another was hearing Joe Biden tell us how his first question was always “How will this effect the lives of everyday people.”  For a person to make this there first priority means that he surely seeks to answer to a much higher power than delegates and donors.  I was touched by Bill Clinton’s real reaction when he turned to see Barack coming toward him on the stage.  The bending at the waist was a real reaction and not a staged one.  The embrace that both man shared and the closing of their eyes to soak in the true meaning of their relationship.  The almost teary res…

Anti-Obama Documentary sheds light not on Obama but on Makers

In a time when it appears that money is the primary and sometimes sole motivator behind movements we make, it is apparent that this may have been the only true reason for the new anti-Obama documentary as evidenced by The Huffington Post in an article titled 2016: Obama's America' Expands Into More Theaters Amid Accuracy Issues by Kia Makarechi.  I say this because it appears that it’s co-director, Dinesh D’Souza and it’s producer, Gerald Molen, have risked their reputation to present a movie that is supposed to be based on fact while showing severe indifference.

The article chronicles the rise of the gross at the box office “this past weekend” as well as the expansion of it’s audience.  It states that “Molen defended the project as “fair and truthful” in a recent interview” but “the Associated Press fact-checked the film, which attempts to trace the roots of Obama's ideology. The newswire service found a number of errors or claims that are not made in good faith”.  The …

Does Media Obsessions create Graven Images

I ask this question after seeing maximum coverage of Paul Ryan entire story because he might be chosen as Mitt Romney’s Vice Presidential pick. It got me to thinking of how the coverage from all forms of media from politics to pro athletes, from movie idols to music legends. How we elevate average people because of the job that they have, the amount of money that they control or the amount of influence they wield.
They may be movie stars, jetsetters, important people and big business but if you took away all that they have in tangible assets, they would be just average people. They put on their pants the same way each and every person put on their pants, on leg at a time. So why do we chase them, worship them, fear them and hang on their every word?

Many of us claim to be Christians and when it is convenient we use our faith to make our point, but we do not hold God in as high esteem as we do those average people. We know that this is one of the most horrendous sins, we can commit, …

Rope-a-Doping Republicans

Is it just me or does it feel like this Republican Presidential Campaign is off key? One expected a fire in the belly of those who see nothing but the destruction of this nation. The coming together of a group of Americans, more American than all the rest, stepping up to save the world, one state at a time.
Instead we got a group of radicals determined to make others bow to their every whim and destroy those who were not willing to bow and say "yesa masa’. We got a Republican Nominee who was us to choose him for the highest job in the land but refuse to take the steps necessary to get the job. He wants us to hire him based on what he says on any given day but not willing to allow us to look under the hood and kick the tires. Reminds me of a used car salesman who refuses to show us the "car fax".

His surrogates step to the microphone and repeat whatever lie they were given to say without regards for their own integrity. Thought we wanted people with convictions in those …

Credit Reporting is Causing Good People Good Jobs

Many report about the unemployed and their trials and tribulations but one thing that they never mention often enough is a big factor in the numbers seemingly holding steady. There have been many reports detailing the jobs which currently exist but the number of applicants attempting to land that job. There have been many reports detailing the requirements for a particular job being more than the average person possess, so some have advocated re-training. All these are positive steps to reduce the unemployment rolls and excellent tools to get more people back to work but one item barely covered is this fascination of business to now use an applicant’s credit report as a factor in their decisions to hire. Below is an example of the effect of a bad credit report;

“Thank you for your interest in the position of ________________at location 1440. We sincerely appreciate your interest in career opportunities with _______. Regretfully, we have decided to pursue other candidates at this tim…

Has Extremist stolen the Soul of the Republican Party

According to history, Abraham Lincoln was a Republican and he as well as so many others fought to free the slaves. What happened to this party? The Republican Party used to serve the people and was especially mindful of over-taxation but now they are pushing budgets like the one Paul Ryan has proposed. What happened to this party? The republican party used to stand strong for equality and would compromise but never ever on principals. They would defend their positions and vehemently debate but would never tolerate lies being told on their opponents. What happened to this party?
One thing we can be sure of, the information contained in this article and the silence of those who sit by while Mitt Romney lies, avoid filling out the full application for the job he is seeking and refuse to disclose any and all information requested by the voters are not the same caliber of Republican that is spoken about above. Judge for yourself, the article is below;

Could 2012 be America's Last Pres…

Colorado Movie Theater Gunman has other Plans

Normally I do not consider myself a conspiracy theorist but the actions of the Colorado Movie Theater shooter, Mr. James Holmes does gives me pause.  No one has to try hard to imagine the cowardice it took to attack unarmed citizens as they embarked on a night of entertainment but try, if you can, to follow my thoughts on why he took those actions and why he may have acted as he did after being captured.

Now remember, he was not caught as reported, he surrendered and that alone makes me wonder.  Many who feel justified in their actions and are resolved to give their lives to whatever cause, will not surrender unless they know that they will be released or they have other scenarios that they want to see play out.  Mr. Holmes surrendered peacefully and quietly even offering to warn law enforcement about the booby traps left in his apartment.  Either he is extremely weak or there is something else he wanted to see the results of.

Given what we know about his background, what if he wanted…


Preheat oven to 300 degrees F. Line roasting pan with aluminum foil large enough to cover all sides and top of meat.Spoon into the pan your margarine or butter and let melt in the preheating oven.Once margarine or butter has melted, remove pan from oven and set aside.
While margarine or butter is melting, cut up some potatoes to your particular liked size and place them into a large bowl.Slice up one small onion or half of one large one, making sure to peel it first before cutting and placing it also in the same bowl.Add in as many baby carrots as you desire to the bowl then pour your melted butter or margarine over the top of them.Sprinkle in your salt, pepper, paprika, sugar and vanilla flavoring.Stir and mix well.
Wash your chuck roast well to remove any manufactured and packaging residue.Place your roast into the pan making sure that you left a little bit of melted butter or margarine to line the foil.Slowly pour the contents of your bowl over the meat insuring that it can be captur…

Breaking News When Predators and Scammers Attack

With the economy being so very sluggish, you would think that intelligent people would be spending more of their time making all attempts to help instead of hurt but not according to an article written by The Associated Press titled Thousands fall victim to scam disguised as Obama utility bill relief.The article reports that “as much as President Barack Obama wants your vote, he's not actually offering to pay your monthly bills.But thousands of Americans have been persuaded otherwise, falling victim to a fast-moving scam that claims to be part of an Obama administration program to help pay utility bills in the midst of a scorching summer.The scam benefits from being cleverly executed and comes at a time when air conditioners in much of the country are running around the clock to tame record-high temperatures.Here's how it works: Victims typically receive an automated phone call informing them of the nonexistent utility program that will supposedly pay up to $1,000. There have …

More Bad News for Mitt Romney-Housing Bust is over

And hits just keep coming for Mitt Romney and the Romney Team who seems to have bet on the economy getting so bad that the American voters have no choice but to vote Barack Obama out and him in.Personally I can’t say that I am sorry that the economy is making a slow but steady comeback despite the major lending institutions sitting on trillions of dollars instead of putting country first.Despite those in Washington so determined to undermine this administration at all cost even if it means sinking the entire nation to do so.Despite those who just can’t stand seeing a Black man in the White House unless his title is janitor.Despite those whose hatred of this man has clouded their better judgment and made them so determined to chase him away from Pennsylvania Avenue that they are willing to accept any kind of lie to make them feel better.
For those of us who truly pay attention, we know that the lagging indicator of any policy and this economy is housing.We know that it is almost the fin…

Class Warfare, Really

For as long as any of us could remember, there has always been a gap between those who fared well and those who didn’t.Those who have, enjoy the pleasure that comes with being able to buy when and whatever they wish while those who haven’t could only dream of such expenditures.What began as a spark to ignite those who were good in sports to get better or for those who dreamed of improvements to existing products was the drive to reach that level enjoyed by those who fared well.With the growing divide and the selfishness and greed of those who have, this is becoming more and more difficult.
The poor and the middle class had an avenue to getting up on their feet through homeownership but greed from those who have so much has managed to partially destroy that.The poor and the middle class had an avenue to getting up on their feet by securing jobs with retirement savings but those who have so much has managed to almost destroy that.The poor and middle class had an avenue to getting on thei…

The Escalation of Addressing Violence against Women gives Rise to Another Issue

Many of us can recall the day when a man was allowed to beat his wife and nothing would ever happen to him.We are also aware that many Christian men still follow the “a woman’s place in society is to be subject to her husband” philosophy which means so many things the least of which “women should be seen and not heard”.Some still find themselves struggling with this concept which may explain why so many men feel that it is their place to tell women what she can and can not do with their bodies but to the majority of men, we all know that this is not and should not be the case today.We know that women carry the bulk of the burden when it comes to the effects and affects of this world.We know that they have a mind and should have a voice in the decisions made.We know that they have just as much right to pick and choose their destinies as men do.We know this and now it’s time for us to not only stand up for them but stand up for ourselves as well because whether we wish to admit it or no…

When did Client and Customer Service become Self-Service

Now I know that I can not be the only one asking this question but it appears that I am the only one addressing it.One has got to wonder when this all changed from a society where those who can, help those you can’t into a world where those in a position to help dwell so deep within their own selves that they refuse to extend and share their knowledge and expertise to anyone or anything unless it can be done for a price.I cast this light upon our justice system and those entities associated with it whose primary task would be to help control or eliminate desires to cause harm or injury to ourselves or our fellow man.
As many of you may already know, my nephew is the victim of this trend.He is a young 15 year old with a very bright future ahead of him but quite a troubling past behind him.Back in the past entities and families used to band together in order to help these lost souls find their way.Each having their place and their assigned tasks.Families attempted to keep youngsters on t…

When Women need us the most, Men run away

There is a cry that can be heard all around this nation and it goes totally unheard.This cry is from the mothers, wives, sisters, daughters, nieces and aunts of every single male out there and being a male when we claim to always be there for the most important people in our lives, we fail greatly when it comes to those previously mentioned.How you ask?We fail because we minimize, ignore and refuse to try and understand the real crisis they faced when it comes to their reproductive rights and decisions.
No man knows better than any woman what is best for them when it comes to what they should do with their bodies and all of us need to get back and support their decisions when it comes to this.The majority of us would be pitching a fit if women were making decisions about what we should do with ours.I guess by now some of you are asking the question of what is I talking about and it is an medical procedure called a hysterectomy.
A hysterectomy is a surgery to remove a woman's uterus …