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Study needed to determine the number of lives lost by Over-Reactive Police

While this recent story does not end in the tragic death of anyone the message is the same.  Police over-reaction to a situation is becoming more and more rampant.  Officers, whose primary task, is to serve and protect are operating like some hidden force with the legal right to disrespect and defile anyone and everyone that they encounter.   For pulling over people for no real reason except boredom to getting away with violating the rights of citizens and being cleared from committing blatant murders. 
Now the simple act of going to the grocery store has become a reason to fear.  According to the article titled “College Girl Attacked by 6 Cops for Buying Water, Now Suing the State for $40 Million” found in the Times Dispatch, “A University of Virginia student charged last year with assaulting ABC agents attempting to stop her for underage possession beer that turned out to be sparkling water has filed a $40 million lawsuit against the state and seven agents.  Instead of beer, a frien…

Washington Mudslide reveals yet another Tragedy.

The news is filled with stories about the mudslide that claimed at least 25 people so far with about 90 more missing and while it is a somber time for those family members of those lost in this tragedy, it has also revealed another side of the news gathering community that shows us glimpse of another tragedy still being played out in the world today.
Losing a loved one in any fashion is heart-breaking even to those who are far removed from the situation and if never experienced can never be properly explained.  From the mudslide in Washington State to the disappearance of the Malaysian Flight, nothing can compare to devastation like that.    Instead of waiting until all the bodies were recovered or giving many the proper time to grieve there are reports about someone failure to warn those who built near this area.  Instead of listing more about the coming together of a community which can be found in a  Tribune wire report stating “The deeply traumatized people of the area rallied roun…

Puffed with Pride

Being a political junkie, I tend to surf the channels and stop at different cable news shows to see what they are talking about.  Contrary to much of what I write, I do often times stop by Fox News but not as often as I stop by MSNBC.  Yesterday, I stopped by “All in with Chris Hayes” just in time to see an interview that he was doing with Ms. Jennifer Stefano a reported employee of American for Prosperity.  In this interview, it was supposed to be a peep into what reasons this group is so dead-set against people finally getting insurance and Obamacare.  What it turned out to be was two people puffed with pride that no real answers were ever learned.
Taking a page from an article titled “Conservative guest yells at Chris Hayes over Obamacare” written by Elias Isquith for in which he writes “In a chaotic, weird and ultimately exhausting segment of “All In” on Wednesday night — a segment that was presumably supposed to be devoted to discussing Obamacare’s oft-delayed deadlines …

My Newest Life Lesson

I used to think that there were others who had a different talent than I did and could do some things that I couldn’t.  I’m now beginning to believe that I was wrong.  I am now beginning to believe that it is only a matter of two things which allows others to accomplish things that some can’t.  Those two things are desire and interest with interest carrying an additional second phase.
I am now beginning to believe that the only difference between those who can and those who can’t is desire.  Desire is the lacking and wanting to learn what others are doing to achieve a goal which has thus far proven to be somewhat elusive to you.  If you have a desire to learn then you can learn anything from anyone at any time.  If you do not have the desire to learn then you may never reach that pinnacle. 
If you do find yourself with the desire to learn once that is accomplish you must then develop interest.  If you have no interest in that particular subject then your desire may be wasted.  If yo…

Consenting Adults and a Jilted Lover does not Sexual Assault Make

During a three-year span, Brigadier General Jeffery Sinclair and his partner, a female Army Captain, carried on an affair with total disregards for the feelings and position he was putting his wife in and the damage they both were doing to the reputation of the United States Army as well as the over-all Armed Forces. 
What this clandestine relationship did manage to bring to the surface was the same sad predicament all those who choose to cheat run into.  All the cloak and dagger, hiding in the shadows actions and being so very careful so that no one finds out, might have been fun in the beginning but like all things bad, nothing good emerges.  The trust that was once essential to the longevity of Sinclair’s relationship with his wife has now been torn asunder all because he could not be trusted to keep his eyes on his own paper, his hands to himself and his member in his pants.  Now all those years dedicated to him by his scorned wife seems wasted to her but the really uncaring thing…

Could Other Prison Officials be linked to the Tom Clements Murder?

Tonight, the Rachel Maddow Show updated the story she reported regarding the shooting death of Tom Clements.  Tom Clements was a high level official with the Colorado Department of Corrections.  He was shot to death when he answered the front door of his home.  I also tracked down this article written by Jennifer Brown for The Denver Post titled “Widow of Tom Clements angry and frustrated by murder investigation
In this article she further reported the following; “Clements and the couple's daughters know who pulled the trigger but do not know who else, if anyone was behind the plot. And she believes there were others involved, that Evan Ebel, a recently paroled prisoner who spent much of his time in solitary confinement, did not act alone.  "It's very difficult for me to believe that he planned and orchestrated and financed this act himself," she said. El Paso County Sheriff Terry Maketa, whose agency is leading the investigation, told The Denver Post that it's …

Rockford’s West Side Welcomes Real Southern Home Cooking

To the residents of the west-side of Rockford, nothing was missed more than an elegant restaurant where the atmosphere was welcoming and the food was out of this world.  Well now west-side residents have to worry no more. 
Welcome Granny’s Home Cooking Restaurant.  It is located at 3605 Auburn Street and can be reached by phone by calling 815-962-1200.  Their hours of operation are Monday-Saturday 5am – 8pm and Sundays 5am – 3pm.  Trust me when I tell you that the food taste farm fresh for every meal.  There is no such time as wait time between ordering and receiving your meals and the prices will amaze and delight you.  Imagine feeding a family of 4 a full meal including desserts for less than $30.00 in this economy.  The staff is engaged and very enjoyable not to mention treats you with a style of family that only few has ever experienced.
I have been there several times and each time I tried a different dish to see if the farm-freshness was consistent with all meals.  I …

Feinstein’s Fight with CIA is in Retaliation for Benghazi, IRS and Obamacare

Many of those who follow politics for a living has been caught by surprise of the most prominent defender of the CIA, Diane Feinstein has now taken to the floor of the Senate to openly blast this same agency.  Many cannot seem to understand how it happened even though it is being said to have something to do with the Senate Committee investigating torture being bullied by the CIA.  They may be right but I have a different take.
I say that this is more about the weary Democrats being so very tired of those who block this president at every turn and cannot seem to let go of the Benghazi and IRS bone.  These Democrats see this as a way Republicans are using to gain control of empty seats and are looking for a way to counter that.  What better than tying them to torture and George W. Bush.  Since President Obama made the decision not to pursue criminal charges against those who may have had something to do with this, Democrats felt that Republicans should have been gracious enough to at le…

Data Mining, the New Dot Com Bubble

During the “Clinton Years”, people still pine those times when life was good, jobs were plentiful and the internet was the next great thing.  Dot com companies were sprouting up all over and millions of dollars were being made from them being bought and sold.  Silicon Valley became the new New York and the mecca for young, talented eggheads who spent far too much time sitting in front of a computer than they did in front of real people.  The internet was the place to be if you wanted to make your fortune and you could find anything and everything that you’re little heart desired.
Well now, only few things have changed.  You can still find almost anything on the internet and more people are now parked in front of their computers instead of parked at the dinner table.  Technology has replaced face to face contact and relationships for human beings can now be judged by the number of hits on any particular dating site.  Silicon Valley is seldom used in an everyday conversation now but they…

What’s the Matter with the People from Texas?

Yesterday I was quite dismayed to learn that one of our largest states within this United States of America has reduced the number of abortion clinics from 44 to less than 20.  I found that disturbing because I was wondering who or what entered the minds and heads of those in charge to believe that they had the power to dictate the actions of others  minus rules and laws designed to prevent the loss of life.  I wondered where in the heck was the mother, sisters, daughters, aunts and grandmothers who sit idly by and watched this happened.  I wondered where were the “real” men who stood by and allowed another person to take away the rights of his wife, mother, daughter, aunt or grandmother.  I wondered this because unless I am sadly mistaken, if you take all of the rich folks and placed them on one side of the road, then take all of the rest of us and placed us on the other side, the rich would never have as much voice, power or influence as we would.
I remain strongly disturbed by these…

This cannot be the New Face of the GOP, or is it

Not much offends me these days because so much is happening that one cannot afford to get caught up in all this unnecessary drama but when I read certain articles and view comments, I do acquire a few questions here and there. Much of the time I just either ask them quietly to myself, send a silent message to God to help me understand or just shake my heads and thank God that I do not and did not spread this type of hate to my children.  This time is different because now I feel that these questions needs answers from those who hide behind the anonymity of the internet or are comforted by money and allow these harmful acts to continue.  I say harmful but not to this nation as much as it is towards family, friends and loved ones who refuse to see the goodness in all for the sake of just belonging.
I came to this decision after reading this post on Facebook by someone perpetuating the “GOPUSA”.  They posted this article “It's Time for Another Expensive Obama Family World Tour” By Chi…

How do you Define Patriotism

Patriotism is defined as the love that people feel for their country and while I truly cannot argue with that I do take offense at the extension added to this definition by some who claim the title but refuse to acknowledge that they do not have a clue to what they are talking about.
I speak of those who say that they love this country yet will do all that they can to sell it out by forging ahead with bold, discriminatory and selfish ideas delivered to them on platter of money.  Look around and you will see exactly what I am talking about.  Politicians who claim that they love this country but will disallow anyone else different from them the chance to live their lives as they see fit.  I love this country but I am going to keep you from voting because you don’t vote like I want you to.  I love this country but I am going to deny you the same rights and freedoms that I wish to enjoy.
Average Americans who dresses in camouflage outfits and gather millions of weapons to wage war against t…