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Vets with PTSD hiring bias is new age Affirmative Action Push

As written by Ms. Borgna Brunner and Beth Rowen for in their article titled Affirmative Action History -A History and Timeline of Affirmative Actionit clearly describe the origination and thought behind the construction of Affirmative Action.They describe it this way, “the term "affirmative action" was first introduced by President Kennedy in 1961 as a method of redressing discrimination that had persisted in spite of civil rights laws and constitutional guarantees.”

“It was developed and enforced for the first time by President Johnson. Focusing in particular on education and jobs, affirmative action policies required that active measures be taken to ensure that blacks and other minorities enjoyed the same opportunities for promotions, salary increases, career advancement, school admissions, scholarships, and financial aid that had been the nearly exclusive province of whites.”

Still quoting from the above article “from the outset, affirmative action was envi…

New York Post and Fox News proves you don’t have to investigate stories just print them

I was taken aback and truly offended when I learned that a “respected” news source like The New York Post was posting a story that they did not investigate regarding Marines “girly” hats.I must say that I was not surprised to find that Fox News just took the story and ran with it.I mean “fair and balanced” is after all only a catch phrase and nothing more.
Let’s see if I can help to correct the story and clear this up.Published yesterday, October 24, 2013, reported that “a change to the Marine Corps’ uniform hats could leave hard-nosed leathernecks looking a lot less macho.According to the New York Post, President Obama’s plan to create a “unisex” look for the Corps has officials on the verge of swapping out the Marines’ iconic caps with a new hat that some have derided as so “girly” that they would make the French blush.”
First please allow me to educate you on a few things as a former Marine.Calling us hard-nosed leathernecks and saying the words less macho, says to me tha…

PTSD Suffers, Here’s a Remedy for those Sleepless Nights

So many people are now becoming quick to say that they know about post-traumatic stress disorder but very few can clearly explain what that is to the ones who suffer it.It is then, therefore assumed, that what might be true for one suffering will also be true regarding the rest of us.They couldn’t be further from the truth.
The basics may be quite similar but the cure is not.Probably because there is no real cure for PTSD.It cannot be erased by drugs nor its results cured by counseling.It can only be controlled.Controlled by the decisions those who suffer from it makes.One of the major common issues is the inability to sleep.Many have begun to take sleeping aids in order to get that rest but to me those sleepless nights could be the beginning of something great.
Use your sleepless nights as a time to think of a few good things that you could do for another person.Maybe someone in your household or neighborhood.It does not have to be anything fancy or expensive.It could be something as s…

The Pain we put our Children Through

From the day that they are born,
We start charting their future,
We place upon them our expectations,
These expectations are based on “now”,
And fueled by the lessons that we have learned,
Not once do we consider,
That this little bundle of joy,
Isn’t even walking yet and we call it love.

We begin to plan and budget for that future,
Placing it above all else,
Not once seeing that by doing this,
The idea of keeping our children first,
Has disappeared and replaced by the desire of money,
We become driven to accomplish our mission,
Of making a better life for our children,
All the while being the main catalyst,
In their wrecked childhood and we call it love.

We put ourselves against all other adults that will enter their lives,
Even when it comes between their parents,
Trying so very desperately to convince them,
That we are the better of the two,
Not really knowing or caring how it affects them,
Because after all, we are doing it for love.

What if Christopher Columbus didn’t Discover America

I have been accused of many things, some of which I am completely guilty of and others that was just accusations from those that were frighten of or by me.One of the most likable terms used to describe me was “simplistic” and while it may be offensive to others it is a nice title to me.Having said all that, here is some other things that has occurred to me in my simplistic little mind lately that I would like to share.
What if I told you that Christopher Columbus did not discover the New World?What if I told you that Amerigo Vespucci stumbled upon the new world while out trying to make a name for himself. I say he stumbled upon the New World made it back as far as England and since he could not draw maps, he enlisted the aid of mapmakers who either was Columbus or someone close to him.Those maps or ideas of maps were then presented to King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella by Columbus because of his ties to them.They leaped at the chance of expanding British territories since it was the mos…

The Journey of a Tea Partier

In the beginning there were the Tea Party and it was good.It was formed by Americans who felt that Washington was catering too much toward the rich and wealthy like Wall Street instead of focusing on the needs of Main Street.The purpose was to follow the line of then candidate Barack Obama to keep his feet to the fire on the things that the average American needed.
Only after big money teased us with the open road to get our message to those who needed to hear it, then the bottom began to fall out of this movement.It morphed into an extreme group concerned with reverting back to the time where the color of a person’s skin was more important than this nation as a whole.A party were many preached “America First” in the beginning but quickly switched to taking away the legal right of a woman to choice, taking away the legal right to vote, pushing an agenda that does not truly reflect this nation and spewing pure hatred of a president based not on what he has done but what they think he wi…

God’s New Message to the Masses

There is a very large part of the Christian movement which seems satisfied to remain in their current positions where they use both sides of the Bible to make their points and clarify their points of view about proper way to act and to serve God.It is this that I wish to speak to all of you about and yes, it may appear controversial to some.The purpose of this conversation is not to produce controversy but to expand our minds and attempt to make us the kind of opened and honest Christian God wishes us to be.We were made in his image so I believe that our faith should be boundless as the celestial stars and not held bounded by to this earth.We need to look beyond our natural horizons to see the vision that God has prepared for us.Some may think that we have already reached the “promised land” but I believe that the promise land is still some distance off and to reach it, we must expand not our bounders but our heart, soul and minds.
Let’s began by defining a few things first.The Pharise…

Republican’s Shutdown Rally to Kill the Economy Falls Flat

If you have been following any of the news today, regardless of which channel you prefer, you should have no doubt have heard about the proposal House Republicans took to the White House.While I am ever so weary of these games played by both sides in Washington, only a blind person may not be able to see that the Republican fire spoken so frequently about has gone out and not one ember remain.

Before I tell you how I think it could have been done and all of this unnecessary drama avoided, let me tell you why I think it all went wrong.The number one reason is this “blind hatred” of Barack Obama.Republicans allowed themselves to be played like a five dollar fiddle because they were so focused on maintaining an adversarial relationship with this president and his administration.Proof is all around you if you allow yourself to take a few minutes and look.Before he was even sworn in, there were forces meeting to insure that anything he wanted never got passed.As long as he opposed something…

How and Why American Business went from Manufacturing to Service

Many, in business will tell you that most things goes in cycles and because of that, this “funk” that American Business is in is only temporary.Now make no mistake, I am no expert but I am smart enough to see that this is a bold-faced lie.I hope to educate some as I make my case below.
Business first began as a healthy competition between two or more people who had the exact same skill set.They would compete by no other means than better service.Better service because they makers of things took enormous pride in the quality of their work.It made them so proud of their work that they would gladly stand behind it and it made customer more comfortable because they knew if anything went wrong, they could take the product back and be treated with respect as their issues was immediately resolved.This happened because the driving force behind business was the desires to succeed provide the public with a service sorely missing by neighborhood business minded people. Remember that guy who used …

Middle East Peace within Reach

As the world continues to revolve and the sun consistently rises, so does events which are becoming more and more clear that world peace may not be that far behind.
When this president was running for office, he was viewed and mocked as naïve because he had promised that he would extend an open hand to our enemies instead of a tight fist.He had promised to speak frankly but friendly to all those leaders who want to come in from the cold.Many of us never really placed much stock in that statement until now.
It can be assumed that after young Arabs saw the power of the American public bringing the first black man into office as president, they kicked off their Arab Spring.Though they were not prepared for the results, they have begun their long hard journey to real democracy.Next we see the shutting down of the Iraq War and the closing of the Afghanistan War.These actions further showed world leaders that he might just be a man of his word.Following this we see the killing of Osama bin La…

The Evolution of Unemployment

In the beginning, there were actual flesh and blood people working in a capacity called “human resources”.In that capacity, many were tasked with the job of shifting through resumes trying to find the perfect candidate to fill an open position at a company.As the ability of human resources managers began to fail, business owners started to look for a more precise and less expensive way to handle this issue.They refused to invest any money into better training for the human resources personnel and thought it best to spend money on a computer software system combined with an outsourced recruiter to accomplish this mission.The promise was better, more qualified and more able applicants to fill that job.Their promise would never be delivered upon.
What they ended up with was the very same fiasco that has befallen the credit industry.They ended up with people called recruiters who have no connections to their company and therefore could not possess the best interest of that company at heart…