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Why many are saying we are losing our Country

Talk to anyone who has a strong opinion about immigration, gay marriage, terrorism, racism or choose from any other highly dramatized topics of today and you will hear someone say that we are losing our country.  The sad part is they are correct but the rational for saying it could never be further from the truth.
Some wish you to believe that we are losing our country because of the massive influx of immigrates sneaking into this country and violating our laws, our people and it’s way of life.  Others wishes you to believe that we are losing our country because of those who envy us and our way of life so they are bound and determined to make this nation into what they would like it to be.  And then there are those who say that certain Americans are destroying this country from within by pushing the agenda of a certain evil never before seen.  All can present a pretty good case for their belief but it does not make it right, it only make it passionate.
My thought is simple as to why man…

Is Running for President about serving the Nation or serving yourself?

Political junkies are all on fire about the number of people jumping in the presidential race and analysts are coming up with all kinds of reason why it may work and why it may not.  They are also comparing yesterday to today and trying to come up with a motivation for those who are getting into the race.
I, too, have my own idea about the motivation.  It may sound skeptical and it is  but it is something that I have not heard anyone of the “experts” mention that there is a possibility the reason many are getting into the race is simply because of the enormous amount of money that can be made.
Billions of dollars will be spent in this upcoming election and it should not escape anyone of us that there will be millions changing hands from one person to another.  We are well aware that the rules of those governmental agencies authorized to closely watch this movement of money are missing from their desks.

When someone joins the ranks of those running for president, consider just what change…

Dylan Roof, his Manifesto and treatment should re-define Today’s Top Story

The media is all a buzzed by the Charleston shooter and his ramblings about why he committed murder of those unarmed victims in the church.  My first thought was where are the NRA members who claim that the best way to stop a bad man with a good is for good men to carry one?  They are examining his writings and using his words to define the stance he took but think back to the photos of how he was treated in his capture.  I do not recall military style weapons and equipment used to take him down and I do not recall anyone placing a bullet proof vest over the torso of anyone else that they captured.
When you stop to dissect the differences between how one class of criminal is handled when compared to another class of criminal, you may began to see a disturbing pattern, or maybe it is just me.  We classify something like this, the Newtown Shooting, the Colorado mass killings and others as breaking news and today’s top story when it really is not.  We glorify murder and mayhem as if it is…

The Lack of Leadership within all our Communities are killing our Kids

Was a little disturbed by this article written by Harriet McLeod for Reuters titled “Police hunt man who killed nine in historic South Carolina black church” not really because of the information found within but basically by the enormity of how often this is happening within our communities.  While trying to figure out what seemingly strong force is guiding these people to violate even God’s will, I had to look past the normal excuses given when something like this happen and look much deeper.  What I found was even more disturbing than my initial reaction to this story.
In the story it is reported that “Police in Charleston, South Carolina, were searching on Thursday for a white gunman who killed nine people in a historic African-American church including the pastor, a black state senator, in an attack the U.S. Department of Justice called a hate crime.  The FBI identified the shooter as Dylan Roof of Columbia, South Carolina. An uncle of Roof's said he recognized the man in the …

How to Become God’s Perfect Warrior

Many believe that to be God’s perfect warrior, you have to not be afraid to speak his name each and every day and every minutes of that day.  I would say that they are wrong.  Speaking God’s name is not a perfect warrior; it is someone who has not quite yet decided that they are willing to totally commit to becoming God’s perfect warrior.  They are constantly calling and invoking his name to appear to those around them that they are serious about what they may have said in the present or wish to cover up from their past.  This is not a perfect warrior but a perfect patsy for Satan to use to scam, trick and mislead others into picking up arms against God , to become evil’s warrior.
Some people believe that to be God’s perfect warrior, you have to follow a distinct and ever changing group of man-made rules.  I would say that they are wrong.  Man uses the fact of the creation of the Ten Commandments as the only true marker that God expects us to abide by a set of rules.  Rules loosely bas…

Edward Snowden and the Selling Out of America

For those who call Edward Snowden a hero, I’d like to hear if that is still the label you wish to use when describing him.  Beginning with the Guardian placing Snowden upon a pedestal because he exposed the National Security Agency (NSA) capture of computer information.  He was labeled as a hero because he exposed the secrets and brought their operation out into the open.  While some may have a point that no government agency shall operate in secret and that those they represent, the American public, should be aware of what any agency is doing in their name, it appears that they did not take in consideration of the results of his stealing of secrets and releasing them.
One of the most dangerous results that was argued can now be proven from an article titled “Russia and China broke into Snowden files to identify western spies, says MI6” as presented by The Observer.  The article reports that “Downing Street believes that Russian and Chinese intelligence agencies have used documents fro…

Cops Murder another unarmed Man, Iowa Community and America stays silent

While it can be greatly understood why the protests and outrage was so clear and correct in the Tamir Rice, Michael Brown, Trayvon Martin and Eric Garner killings, I still find myself at a loss to explain why we are not as upset, angered and pissed at this recent killing of another unarmed man at the hands of police.  I would truly hate to think it is because he is white that we are not all up in arms right now but based on current events, that appears to be the only viable answer and it is a shame that a country which claims to be about all people would elect to ignore the same travesties being inflicted upon any people.
According to the article titled “Police Killed an Unarmed White Man in Iowa and His Community Didn’t Seem to Notice” written by Nick W for The Huffington, it is reported that “A few minutes before Des Moines police killed Ryan Keith Bolinger Tuesday night, the 28-year-old white man was dancing in the street, according to an officer. Police didn't find the…

Focus on lower Poverty Rate overnight misleading

There is an article title “How to Dramatically Lower the Poverty Rate Overnight” written by Eric Pianin for The Fiscal Times which has plenty of excellent points about those who qualify not using the programs as established and how that could have greatly reduced the number of Americans living in poverty but they missed one essential link as to why.
In the article it speaks about “But a new study by the Brookings Institution argues that it might be a lot easier to significantly reduce poverty in the U.S by getting more people to take advantage of existing anti-poverty programs for which they are already eligible.  In fact, the report asserts,  the poverty rate would have been 20 percent lower in 1998 if all families with children had participated in the programs for which they were eligible, and “deep poverty”– income below half the federal poverty level –would have been 70 percent lower. “Sometimes the best policy is [simply] to make existing programs reach further, rather than invent…

What would make a White Person pretend to be Black?

This is becoming an age old question similar to what comes first the chicken or the egg.  One would assume that it could be several factors that would make a white person pretend to be black but then one must also ask themselves why the same is true for so many others as well.  Like, why black women are so concerned with having hair like white women that they spend millions of dollars on extensions or hair care products that straighten their hair instead of embracing its curly origin.  Why many poor or middle class families attempt to keep up with the rich in having the same materialistic products, advantages and privileges.  Why we are not content with whom we are but always seeking to be who we see. 
Neighbor purchase a brand new car and many in that neighborhood now feels compelled to go out and buy.  Is it a feeling that we deserve the same as others or is it more about feeling like we belong, either way, the reasoning for wishing to change who you are is as important and the chan…

Illinois Governor Bruce Rauner Hatchet job on Illinois Family is Supports and Voters Fault Too

I am sure you have heard the saying, be careful for you wish for.  Well the voters of Illinois are probably regretting their strong support and vote for Illinois Governor Bruce Rauner now.  Since taking office, many of the planned projects designed to better equip Rockford to join the 21st Century have been put on hold as well as programs designed to help those struggling families of the Stateline being cut under the guise of balancing Illinois budget.
Never mind that over 3 million dollars, which could have been used to fund many of the programs Rauner is, has or thinking about cutting was used to upgrade the governor’s mansion.  Supporters say that was because that money was slated for that cause so my question becomes hy then is he justified with taking the money slated for those services and using them for other purposes?
Classic example is an article found on from the Associated Press titled “Democrats to hold hearing on Rauner education czar's salary”.  In it you read…

Decorated Veteran fall from Grace shows Civilian Celebration of War can be Deadly

I make no excuse for the actions of anyone especially a mature and seasoned veteran but as with all things each of us need to take a step back and be more than willing to address any mistake we might have made or any part we may have played in a celebrated moment going so very wrong.  This is clearly the case involving an article by Nicholas K. Geranois for the Associated Press titled “Iraq War veteran charged with murder in deaths of relatives
In the article it is reported that “a decorated Iraq War veteran arrested in the deaths of his estranged wife's mother, stepfather and brother was charged Tuesday with three counts of premeditated first-degree murder with aggravating circumstances.  The charges mean Roy H. Murry, 30, might face the death penalty, Spokane County prosecutor Larry Haskell said. "At this point in time, every option is on the table," Haskell said after the hearing.  Amanda Murry has told law enforcement officers that her husband blamed her family for t…

Defending Right does come with a Price but not for those who choose to Stand

It is so breath-taking and refreshing to see or hear about a human being that refuses to follow directions from their superiors that they object to and in some cases these objections are not very popular within the community as a whole but every once in a while it is.  This is one of such a case where standing up for right did come at a price but not one paid by those who make a courageous decision to display their spine.  The story in question comes to us from Reuters written by Daniel Wiessner and titled “CVS required workers to racially profile shoppers, lawsuit claims”
The story claims that “managers at CVS Pharmacy Inc. stores in New York City required loss prevention staff to racially profile shoppers and subjected minority employees to racist slurs, a lawsuit against the Rhode Island-based company claimed. The proposed class action lawsuit was filed on Wednesday in federal court in Manhattan by four black and Hispanic former CVS "store detectives" who claimed their bos…

Cleaning up the Corps, one Marine at a Time

It can be strongly argued that the most revered and respected branches of the United States military are the United States Marines.  This began back in 1775 and with each passing year the methods have adjusted but the primary mission has always been the same.  To protect and defend all Americans and their freedoms from any enemy, foreign or domestic, that seek to eliminate, change of modify those freedoms or oppress those citizens of this nation.  Our fierceness in battle and our uncanny ability to overcome, adapt and hold true to traits like honor, integrity and the Esprit de corps is the hallmark from which others copy is the duty of anyone and everyone who earned that uniform to embarrass and demonstrate for the rest of their lives.  At least that was the way it was during my tour from 1980 till 1991, apparently things may not be the same now.  Not sure if it is because recruiters have been so desperate for recruits that they did very little to get the best of the best or drill ins…

Understanding Autism

When someone mentions autism, many of us have to shrug our shoulders as we are really not sure what they are talking about.  Our immediate focus of the definition is someone who displays the symptoms senior surviving mammals would have called “mentally retarded” but what if I told you that autism is nothing more than the daily actions and activities of every single person on this earth and in this universe but more profound.
If you pay close attention to any child displaying any activity that society deems as autistic, you will find that it is the very same activity that those not diagnosis with this condition displays.   For my son, he re-focuses but rubbing his fingers together directly in front of his eyes combined with the short run or jog back and forth.  While this may not be the activity displayed by many of us, consider this.  It is well known that in order for some of us to concentrate on the task at hand, we must doddle especially when on the phone.  For some of us it is best…