Why many are saying we are losing our Country

Talk to anyone who has a strong opinion about immigration, gay marriage, terrorism, racism or choose from any other highly dramatized topics of today and you will hear someone say that we are losing our country.  The sad part is they are correct but the rational for saying it could never be further from the truth.

Some wish you to believe that we are losing our country because of the massive influx of immigrates sneaking into this country and violating our laws, our people and it’s way of life.  Others wishes you to believe that we are losing our country because of those who envy us and our way of life so they are bound and determined to make this nation into what they would like it to be.  And then there are those who say that certain Americans are destroying this country from within by pushing the agenda of a certain evil never before seen.  All can present a pretty good case for their belief but it does not make it right, it only make it passionate.

My thought is simple as to why many may feel we are losing our country and it is all about the definition of what America and being an American means.  When this country was founded, according to history written by those who wanted to paint a pretty picture, it was founded on religious freedom and our right to pick and choose how we as individuals should live.  That was the definition then but it has been forced down the rabbit hole now.

Those who scream the loudest about losing this country do so regarding the strength of a nation.  They tell us to grow a pair and stand up for this country.  They tell us to stand and fight for its way of life but what is so wrong about this approach is that it takes us far afield of what being an American and America stands for.

America and Americans is that best friend that is more than willing to lend a helping hand to see you get all that you deserve.  America and Americans is that confidant and brother who will give you the shirt off its back if you are in need of it.  America and Americans is that loving parent who demonstrate its love by refusing to allow anyone to do only enough to get by especially when we see so much more in you than even sometimes you realize.  In other words, America and Americans is that person who will help you up if you fall down with the same compassion and care as we will lighting a fire under your butt when you get lazy.

We are losing our country because we have forgotten the true definition of this nation.  We are a compassionate and caring nation who will suggest the best course of action yet step aside to allow the choice of direction to be left up to that particular person or country.  We are not and never should be the bully on the block because our strength does not come from mite but simply from right.  It is right to allow each of us the very same freedoms we wish for ourselves so if we wish to lead our lives and control our own destinies, then we must also be willing to allow others the same.  This is why we are so lost today because we are turning this nation into a place where we force our individual beliefs upon others instead of allowing them to choose for their selves.  This is why we are so lost today because we follow the rule of money, power and influence instead of following the main idea of a nation as great as this place we call home.  We fail to follow its heart.


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