Illinois Governor Bruce Rauner Hatchet job on Illinois Family is Supports and Voters Fault Too

I am sure you have heard the saying, be careful for you wish for.  Well the voters of Illinois are probably regretting their strong support and vote for Illinois Governor Bruce Rauner now.  Since taking office, many of the planned projects designed to better equip Rockford to join the 21st Century have been put on hold as well as programs designed to help those struggling families of the Stateline being cut under the guise of balancing Illinois budget.

Never mind that over 3 million dollars, which could have been used to fund many of the programs Rauner is, has or thinking about cutting was used to upgrade the governor’s mansion.  Supporters say that was because that money was slated for that cause so my question becomes hy then is he justified with taking the money slated for those services and using them for other purposes?

Classic example is an article found on from the Associated Press titled “Democrats to hold hearing on Rauner education czar's salary”.  In it you read that “Illinois Democrats have scheduled a hearing on why Gov. Bruce Rauner's education secretary is being paid from the state's human services budget. Lawmakers are expected to discuss Beth Purvis' $250,000-per-year salary at a hearing Thursday in Springfield. Documents obtained by the Chicago Sun-Times showed the money comes from human services, even though Purvis reports to Rauner's office.
The Republican governor has recommended cutting millions from the agency's budget for programs that deal with autism and burials for the indigent. Rauner's office says Purvis is paid with agency's funds because "a portion of her portfolio is in early childhood development."

Well I guess then it is okay to take from the poor and give to the rich, I guess it is okay because the majority of the voters got what they wished for.


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