Is Running for President about serving the Nation or serving yourself?

Political junkies are all on fire about the number of people jumping in the presidential race and analysts are coming up with all kinds of reason why it may work and why it may not.  They are also comparing yesterday to today and trying to come up with a motivation for those who are getting into the race.

I, too, have my own idea about the motivation.  It may sound skeptical and it is  but it is something that I have not heard anyone of the “experts” mention that there is a possibility the reason many are getting into the race is simply because of the enormous amount of money that can be made.

Billions of dollars will be spent in this upcoming election and it should not escape anyone of us that there will be millions changing hands from one person to another.  We are well aware that the rules of those governmental agencies authorized to closely watch this movement of money are missing from their desks.

When someone joins the ranks of those running for president, consider just what changes they are trying to make and if those changes are seriously just a pipe dream for any reasonable person, then you may wish to consider that the person is not in to serve a nation but simply to serve themselves.


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