Defending Right does come with a Price but not for those who choose to Stand

It is so breath-taking and refreshing to see or hear about a human being that refuses to follow directions from their superiors that they object to and in some cases these objections are not very popular within the community as a whole but every once in a while it is.  This is one of such a case where standing up for right did come at a price but not one paid by those who make a courageous decision to display their spine.  The story in question comes to us from Reuters written by Daniel Wiessner and titled “CVS required workers to racially profile shoppers, lawsuit claims”

The story claims that “managers at CVS Pharmacy Inc. stores in New York City required loss prevention staff to racially profile shoppers and subjected minority employees to racist slurs, a lawsuit against the Rhode Island-based company claimed. The proposed class action lawsuit was filed on Wednesday in federal court in Manhattan by four black and Hispanic former CVS "store detectives" who claimed their bosses and some store managers ordered them to track minority customers. "(Supervisors) would give these directions even when there was no indication the black shopper was going to steal anything, and would never give such directions with regard to white shoppers," the lawsuit said.  The lawsuit, which also named several managers as defendants, claimed black and Hispanic employees were subjected to racial slurs and that the four plaintiffs were fired for complaining about discrimination. It claimed violations of the New York Human Rights Law and a comparable city law prohibiting racial discrimination by employers.  Carolyn Castel, a spokeswoman for CVS Health Corp said the company was "shocked" by the lawsuit and would fight the claims. "We serve all communities and we do not tolerate any policy or practice that discriminates against any group," she said.  The lawsuit comes about a year after Macy's Inc. and Barneys agreed to pay $650,000 and $525,000, respectively, to settle complaints that they harassed black customers”.

Truth be told, this issue has long been standard operating procedure for not only these large multi-market stores but the small mom and pops stores as well.  We see this with the numbers of arrest and convictions of blacks and Hispanic people within our justice system and even in our school systems.  It is the popular myth that if one black or Hispanic commits a crime then all blacks and Hispanics are criminals.  Now don’t get it twisted, blacks and Hispanics are just as guilty of this over-generalization of white people.  If you find one racist or bigot who happens to be white, these communities easily then assumes that all whites are racist or bigots.  This lie has been a lie and repeated for so long, any people will find it very hard to take it as it is and fight to prove that it is true.  It seems that no matter how any black, Hispanic or white person work to prove that they do not fall within our perceived definition of them, their fight will feel in vain.

This is more than a stain on our society, it is a stain on the very soul of a nation who claims to cherish the rights of all and refuse to admit trampling all over those rights in order to appease our own selfish way or stay in good standing with that group those we now belong to.


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