How to Become God’s Perfect Warrior

Many believe that to be God’s perfect warrior, you have to not be afraid to speak his name each and every day and every minutes of that day.  I would say that they are wrong.  Speaking God’s name is not a perfect warrior; it is someone who has not quite yet decided that they are willing to totally commit to becoming God’s perfect warrior.  They are constantly calling and invoking his name to appear to those around them that they are serious about what they may have said in the present or wish to cover up from their past.  This is not a perfect warrior but a perfect patsy for Satan to use to scam, trick and mislead others into picking up arms against God , to become evil’s warrior.

Some people believe that to be God’s perfect warrior, you have to follow a distinct and ever changing group of man-made rules.  I would say that they are wrong.  Man uses the fact of the creation of the Ten Commandments as the only true marker that God expects us to abide by a set of rules.  Rules loosely based on the Ten Commandments and ever changing depending on what that particular person at the head of the group believes at the time.  Ever wonder why a document written so long ago like the Bible is held in high esteem when those who are not afraid to pick it up, read it for themselves then question those who are supposed to know, ever wonder why they quote it so but never actually follow what it says?  These are your groups and while they claim to be led by God’s word, if you pay close attention to their rules, guidelines and policies, you will find that they are nothing like what Jesus delivered to us as the new agreement between God and his people.  This is not a perfect warrior of God but a perfect vessel for evil filled with selfishness, arrogance and desperate hatred for themselves so pure that they are willing to destroy themselves just to take a few others with them.  They too hid from a past of their own choosing because anything that happened to shape their past which was out of their control will never be placed as a stone around the neck when you truly choose to become a warrior for God.  How do we know this because Jesus himself said so, want to know if this is the truth, pick up your Bible and read it.

So now you ask, how can you be the perfect warrior for God?  It is quite simple, to be God’s perfect warrior, all you have to do is believe with all your heart, mind, body and soul that Jesus is Lord, that he died for our sins and rose from the grave.  All you need to do is treat others as you would like to be treated.  These are the words of his only son and who else should we listen to than the one personally selected and sent by God to deliver to us this message contained in the new covenant sealed with his blood.  To be a perfect warrior for God, you do not have to be perfect.  You only have to be willing to make mistakes, learn from them and try desperately never to repeat the exact same one again.  You have to be able to not only ask for forgiveness from God but also from those whom you may have wronged in the pursuit of your personal earthly heaven.  You have to be willing to listen and respect another person’s truth because it is the only way to demonstrate the true love of God and represent his will.  You have to be willing to forgive those who sin against you while still never forgetting that they too are of the flesh and are prone to mistakes.  That just because you may not agree with their assessment of any situation, does not make them your enemy but present an excellent opportunity for you to either learn from them or educate them.  To be God’s perfect warrior, you must not fight any religious battle with man-made weapons but God made weapons and if you fall in battle rest assured that you too shall be resurrected in an image more favorable to God than when you fall, that if you fall, God will always be there to lift you up, dust you off and send you on your way if what you say you believe is truly what you believe.  For every human being born is never born poor because as children of God we are all born with royal blood cursing through our veins.  It is only by evil’s and man’s measurements that these titles exist.  To become God’s perfect warrior, stand strong in your convictions whether others wish to accept them or not, stay strong in your beliefs because in the end when it is time for you to come before the very God you speak about, the only question left for you to answer is if you think you lived your earthly life as he wanted you to and if you can confidently answer yes to that question, your place in heaven will be granted


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