The Beauty of a Trump Presidency

Let’s not get it twisted and make no mistake, I have never been and will never be a Trump supporter but now that the choice has been made, it’s time to put away the pitchforks and torches and get down to the business of this country.  Regardless of how you feel either way, we still have a job to do as Americans and that is making sure that we minimize any and all damages by those we choose to lead us or those chosen to lead us by others.

If you think that this election was stolen by the Electoral College, as I do, then the first thing we have to do is make a decision.  Do we remove those who made this choice or do we remove the power that they used to make it?  These are our only real choices because sitting around and complaining about the results will get us nowhere accept more frustrated, angry and exactly where those who have always believed that America was not the land of opportunity we claim all over the world.  If you think that those who voted for him was wrong then the only choice left for us here is to make sure that they own their votes and support as his reign of president continues.  If you are worried about the reputation of this nation with Trump as leader and where he may take this nation we love so much, the only choice we have for this is to remember that there has been far worse leaders in that White House than Trump might be, yet this nation survived, rebuilt and came back stronger than it ever had.  It happens that way because this is who we really truly are as a country.  We were never defined by George W. Bush and we were never defined by Barrack Obama as we will not be defined by Donald J. Trump either.  We are a country built by hard-knocks, strain and strife, this made us stronger, more determined and the most feared nation on the planet, so this minor setback is nothing new and will not be the demise of a nation whose ideas of compassion, caring, sensitivity and the rule of law will prevail, this I guarantee.

We often times focus so hard on the bad things that we often overlook the good that comes from any suffering and yes, there is some good that will come from this.  I have a few in minds that I would love to share.  The first is those who supported him thought that they wanted a certain result and they honestly believed that Trump would provide that for them.  If they are proven wrong on this front, it will cast them further in the background so that the re-building can begin without interference after it is over.  The next thing is to finally see just how well they govern because now there is no excuse for failure on their part.  The used the excuse of a Democratic White House to escape responsibility for governing so let’s see what they say now.  The third and probably most important is that those who spent years, billions of dollars and countless hours to convince us that America was going to hell in a hand basket under the Obama Administration will now have to prove that they truly knew best.  Now they have to put up or shut up and that will be the most welcomed site for a person who tires from negativity.  Reality shall soon set in and they will come to realize that talk is cheap, its actions and results that matter most.

The beauty of a Trump presidency is that now all those who sat back and whined about everything Obama did, will now have to put their money where their mouth is.  I await the day when it becomes abundantly clear to all Trump voters and supporters that everything he said was a lie, the media allowed him to get away with them and the voters defended them.  These will surely endth the lesson.


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