What the Founding Fathers, Donald Trump and today’s religion have in common

I find myself somewhat tickled when I hear people say that the way this country is not what was intended by the founding fathers.  It’s funny to me how anyone who have taken a few minutes to be truly objective about our history fails to see that this is exactly what the so called founding fathers intended even though they may be credited with penning the Constitution. 

It is written, that they left Europe with the intent to create a nation free of oppression and so that they could practice their religion without persecution.  Yet these same founding father brought with them a system of suppression copied after the Kings, queens, lords and barons of Europe.  They brought with them a class of people who would be their servants after claiming that they were no longer wishing to live under those same rules.  Maybe they meant that they themselves were tired of being someone else’s slave so set out to find a place where they can now be slave masters.

They came to this country to escape religious persecution and to allow others to serve their God as they see fit but while here, they encountered a group of Native Americans who not only was willing to share this land with them but share their inventions, their way of life and their resources.  These people were later titled as savages because they did not act as those that came.  They were minimized, mistreated, murdered and maligned by the very same people who claim that they wanted a country where all men were free.  They stepped upon that boat to freedom as peasants and emerged from that long journey as kings and queens, lords and barons.  They stepped upon those ships with very little but amassed great wealth by utilizing the same force that compelled them to leave upon those that they found and brought with them here.  So please tell me again how this is not the nation the so called founding fathers wanted.

Now comes a new generation of leaders whose primary claim to fame is to convince others to “accept their lots in life”.  Simply meaning if you are not of a particular race, ethnicity or creed, you are to gladly accept your lower roll as a human being to serve those of that particular race, ethnicity, or creed.  You are not supposed to complain or refuse and know your place in their newest society designed so they can be free of oppression and worship in any manner that they choose.  The escape to this New World was done to allow them to now institute the very same tactics and strategies that they were so against not that long ago.

What is happening now and why Donald Trump makes more sense to some is that many of whom they feel should be grateful that they were allowed to travel over the water with these so called founding fathers is that they are refusing to accept their lots in life.  They are learning that they are the primary driver behind how their earthly lives will turn out and not controlled by anyone or anything else.  This is also the reason that religion has been allowed to be re-constructed so that even the lessons from the Bible cannot be adequately relayed.  Even Moses got it wrong when he allowed those religious experts to assume that only those from the tribe of Levi should be priest and preach the word of God.  Our religion still has it wrong today when they call dads fathers even though Jesus himself is written to have said that there is only one father.  To accept your lot in life means that you are not supposed to dream and aspire to achieve, you are only supposed to be who others want you to be.  To accept your lot in life means that you should never think for yourself but follow the suggestions of those of higher classes or marketing experts telling you how to think, wear and act.  To accept your lot in life means that you do not wish to be the spirit that God has always intended you to be and know that you can become.  To accept your lot in life means to stop trying and just do as you are told. 

Many say that they are an independent person and that they cater to no man but those same cater to any man.  To sit back and allow others to determine what you do with your life means that you are simply accepting your lot in life.  To sit back and complain instead of engage simply means you are accepting your lot in life.  God gave you this life to choose how you wish to spend it while here in hell on earth because in the end, you and only you will be held to account for the choices, actions and inactions that were made or taken, why then would you turn control over to a far lesser being like man?


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