What if God’s Divine Plan had already been carried out?

A thought occurred to me this morning regarding just how mixed up many of us appear to be when it comes to the Bible.  I say mixed up because I am still trying to reconcile what I learned growing up with what I have learned so far in this life, much of it still confusing while some of it is becoming clearer.

I harken back to the first time I heard the word of “God’s divine plan” which was made to say to me, that all that happens is according to his will.  A few days ago, I found it quite comforting to use those words of “it’s God’s will” but did not think that they were used to simply cover up my responsibilities. I actually thought that they were there for comfort and to give me the strength to let go and move on.  I’m beginning to think now that these happened because of the actions or inactions that I took in part and the actions or inaction others took in whole. 

Suppose, Moses had been asked by the religious leaders of his time, all these questions about how they should conduct themselves as religious leaders and so Moses was said to have went off alone to speak with God and get his direction.  But what if Moses concluded that God told him to trust his judgment when it comes to making rules which may explain why the religious leaders of his time always referred to what we think is God’s law as Moses’ and as it were in those times, we now continue to deconstruct, remake and remodel the guidelines of the Bible to suit our current situation.

We do this first by convincing all others that things happens according to God’s will and that God has this divine plan which is why we should never question but what if God’s divine plan had already been carried out?  What if God’s divine plan was simply to create the heavens, the earths and all creations?  What if the purpose for giving each of us free will was to give us the same freedom he gave Moses to decide and choose which direction our earthly lives will take instead of him manipulating us like puppets on a string?  Maybe it’s time to stop saying, its God’s will and saying if I choose to.  Maybe we need to stop now finding ways to avoid responsibility for our actions, inactions or choices and start owning and taking full control of our destiny whether heaven or right back here in hell.

If God’s divine plan was to simply create all that we see, then maybe it’s time for us to create our own divine plan and try to conduct ourselves as we believe would truly glorify him.  No one can tell anyone if how they choose to serve God is right or wrong because it all depends upon you.  We are free to disagree but we are not free to judge, condemn or crucify those who see the service of God differently.  The Bible asks us to respect another’s truth and in so doing just because they may not do it in the manner we do does not mean that they are wrong or evil, it simply means that they have chosen a different way than us to hopefully end up at the same place.  Classic example is when some say that one sin is worse than another but nowhere in the Bible do I remember reading where that is true except for the very sin that got the now tagged devil kicked out of heaven for good, other than that they all carry the same punishment and penalty. So what makes one worse than the other, maybe this is where we are deconstructing, remodeling and remaking the rules.


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