The Many Faces of Racism

To many, racism is defined as black and white and because it has been accepted in that form for far too long we outwardly wonder why it has been so hard to eradicate.  Simple answer is because our definition of racism is poorly defined and is far from what actually tells the complete story.

I was quite appreciative of a video I saw featuring Morgan Freeman who said the words that I have been trying to say for so long.  It will not do it justice to try and repeat those eloquent words here so I direct you to that video found on Essence Magazine’s site titled “Morgan Freeman Explains the Deeper Issue Behind Racism”.  You can find it here (  You owe it to yourself to listen and please have an open mind when you do because so much can be explained by this revelation. 

Racism comes in many different forms and not all of it has anything to do with race.  There are whites who hate blacks and feel as they are inferior to them in every way but there is also whites who hates whites with the same intense and fervor.  There are blacks who hate whites and see them as spoiled, privileged and arrogant but there is also a black that hates blacks with this same intensity.  There are Hispanics who hates blacks and whites seeing them as those who act as if they are so much better than they are and yes there are Hispanics who hate Hispanics for that or another reason all together but with that same intensity.  There are rich people who hate poor people and think them as unworthy of even eating but there are also rich people who hate rich people because they may have been a slight bit more fortunate than they think they were.  Bottom line, racism comes in all forms from social to economic; color to religion.  How many times have you heard about one religion thinking that it is better than the others or has been the selected group of God’s chosen?  How many time have you heard one preacher’s distrust and disdain for another preacher because he or she may have a different way of expressing what they think is God’s will.  All these things are racism and should never be assumed that they are not.

Want to remove this cancer from this world, start by re-defining what racism is and slowly but surely as you address each and every tentacle of this demon, racism will not only lose its luster but it’s worth as well.


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