The Unlimited Minds of Human Beings and how it is so wasted

Many people would prefer to believe that no one is as smart or as worthy as they are but contrary to this style of thinking, the only real thing that separates us is the degree of desire we have toward whatever it is we are seeking.  Intelligence is never truly measured by any kind of test regardless of what that test is called.  Intelligence is measured by the degree of desires because even if I score quite low on any intelligent test but have a much higher desire to achieve something, there is no limit to what I would do to achieve that goal.  For those who think that they already possess that level of intelligence might not view obtainment with as much vigor.

The same can be said for those who possess a desire to create, produce or manufacture.  A primary example of this can be found in an article titled “Production of dangerous synthetic marijuana is soaring and the DEA can't keep up” by Erin Brodwin here  In it is revealed that new synthetic marijuana called “Moon Rocks, otherwise known as Spice, K2, or Skunk is a lab-produced, mind-altering drug that's been soaring in popularity in recent years. Giant underground laboratories, many of which are in China, are churning out thousands of pounds of the stuff. This week, the DEA arrested a man whose lab likely produced the chemicals in some 70% of the spice sold in the US, the New York Times reports.  Although it's often marketed as a "safer alternative to traditional marijuana," spice is dangerous and can be deadly.”  After seeing a video of what happened to a young man who had tried this substance, I cannot honestly say why anyone would wish to attempt to try and control something that they never will.  None of us have ever been able to control something that effects each of us differently classic examples of this is alcohol and the current drugs available.

How this is a waste is the brilliance of human beings, wasting away in labs turning out something that is not only non-beneficial to their fellow human beings but could be deadly instead of wasting away in labs finding cures to diseases that plague this society and world today.  Imagine eradicating the need for fresh water all over the world or finding sure fire cures to cancer and so many other deadly diseases.  Imagine finding a way for all passengers to be able to survive a plane crash or a sinking ship.  All these and so much more are ways that our God given talents of figuring things out could go a very long way to help people instead of hurting them but then I guess that is where true intelligence separates from just plain greed and a disdain for anyone not yourself.  I guess the desire to do good do not weight heavy on those with the opportunity to do so as it might do with those who lack those opportunities.   


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