The Ignorance of some is Astounding but the worst may be that it’s assumed true

Far be it for me to deny anyone their right to speak their minds, that was one of the many freedoms that I and others like me were willing to lay down our lives to protect but even I cannot continue to try and ignore ignorance to such a degree that it makes anyone with any reasonable perception have to read it twice.

This was my immediate reaction to something I read titled “Ann Coulter Blasts Michelle Obama on Race: ‘I Think She’s Just Letting Out Her Reverend Wright Now’ taken from The Blaze.  Apparently Ms. Coulter was disappointed and dissatisfied with a comment made by the first lady and I know that many of you out there are asking the question of when is she happy about anything this person, this family, these people do or say.  Valid point but can we all just assume that Ms. Coulter is not this full of venom all the time just when she is pushing her radio show or getting paid to come on Fox News and say whatever she wishes.  Okay well maybe not but I would love to think so.

Anyway according to the article “Conservative author Ann Coulter ripped Michelle Obama on Fox News Monday night, blasting the first lady for recent comments made on race during a commencement ceremony. Speaking at Tuskegee University over the weekend, Obama said she was the “focus of another set of questions and speculations” because of her race.  Coulter unleashed in an interview with Sean Hannity, saying, “I think she’s just letting out her Reverend Wright now.”  Coulter contended Democratic policies have been detrimental to the black community and the country, taking particular aim at affirmative action.  “Yes, America does owe black America for slavery, for the Democratic policies of Jim Crow,” Coulter added. “I think we've — we’re making it up now, when you’re getting admitted to Princeton when you can’t read, is that enough yet?”  During the segment, the conservative author also seemingly said she doesn’t believe there were any peaceful protesters in Baltimore.  “This nonsense about the peaceful protesters. No, I want a milk carton for, ‘Has anyone seen a peaceful protester in Baltimore?’ As if work-a-day blacks are rushing out to protest Freddie Gray. No they aren't,” she said.”

Now do I really need to dissect this article to show you where true ignorance reign supreme or are you able to honestly read it and figure it out for yourself?  I guess what truly bothers me more than most is when those on Fox News speak about taking responsibility; it seems to exclude them from doing so.  I mean to sit across from someone who says things so damaging to not just this country but journalism period and do nothing about it except ignore it or nod their heads.  We look to other countries to care a lot about what America thinks and yet we present people like Ms. Coulter who stands up and speak on a subject that she apparently has no earthly idea of.  No one may have questioned whether she got her job based on her sex or how often she had to but to anyone of color including Hispanics, we will constantly be looked at being given a job simply because and not because we were better at that job than anyone else.”  Perhaps Ms. Coulter could tell us how it feels to be followed around stores, pass by while hailing a cab or becoming successful without the help of crime?  If she can’t then why are she allowed to speak as she do, could this be what Fox News means when they say “fair and balanced”?


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