Learning what true Self Preservation means is the roadmap to real happiness

I often times am bothered by why all of us refuse to show our honest and sincere concern and compassion for others.  Why we often times wait until something bad happens before the true spirit of each of us comes out. We have seen who we really are like during  events like Sept 11, Katrina, Hurricane Sandy, Sandy Hook, the recent Louisiana floods and other disasters and so many more but we quickly revert back to a place where our differences seems more important than our similarities, so why do we do this.  I believe that it is because of the one constant embedded within all of us and that is called “self-preservation”. 

 Self-Preservation causes us to look out for ourselves before anything or anyone else and in order to protect ourselves, we choose to focus more on the differences between each other than the similarities because that would mean we must now truly care about strangers and because many of us see caring as a sign of weakness or an opening where we can be easily hurt, we marshal all our forces to cover that exposure. 

It’s only after learning that in order to be true self-preservationist only mean remaining true to ourselves.  When we learn, accept and adopt this principle then and only then will we ever have peace and truly be happy with who we are, where we’re from, who we have become and where we are going.


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