The Four Types of Intelligence

Just like there are three (3) stages of adulthood, there appears to be about four types of intelligence. Stage one, of adulthood, is being grown and that is when you are legally considered grown by law which is normally 18 years old but for some it may be 21. Stage two of adulthood is adult where it is said to be when you began to truly take responsibility for your actions, choices and decisions. Stage three is maturity which is when you are well aware of who you are to the point where others being who they are does not bother you. One stage is not the same as the others and if you are courageous enough to reach stage three, you shall find that peace and tranquility that you were looking for in the other two. To reach stage three, you have to be more than willing to listen to those you disagree with and consider the lessons those conversations may provide, applying them to who you are to become something better.

The first type of intelligence is the natural intelligence.  This is intelligence which allows you to know right from wrong as well as how others should be treated and how to treat others but it is better known as the intelligence to make reasonable and rational decisions about people, places and things that surround you.  Every single human being is born with this intelligence and is the only entity that can choose to either use it or lose it.  This intelligence is born within you and even though it can be masked by parental teachings and environmental circumstances, it can never be completely erased.  The second type of intelligence is street intelligence.  This is intelligence first learned from observation of others while growing up and it is mostly defined by one’s ability to learn from others and apply that knowledge in a way that allows them to thrive and survive on the streets of any city, any town in any country.  The third type of intelligence is education or book intelligence which begins from reading and any kind of educational opportunity presented.  This intelligence is the ability to recall, recant and apply lessons learned from forms of books from mathematics to language and even from history books.  We think of it as typically coming from parents and any kind of formal schooling.  Many IQ tests seems to only grade the educational/book intelligence type which actually short-changes many who may have actually elevated their level of intelligence.  The fourth type of intelligence is cultivated intelligence.  This intelligence is as stated, cultivated, which means the individual carefully reviews all of the intelligence types and form a thought and belief based on all of the other three.  They melt them together and form a single solitary thought or belief which becomes one of their main support columns and a thread in the very fabric that they choose to become.  The cultivated intelligence is not rigid and can be quite flexible depending on the introduction of any new information.

Every single human being is capable of achieving the cultivated intelligence type if they choose to exercise it.  This is the one and only barrier to reaching this goal.  Many may choose to remain at their current level or state and it is purely their choice but some can begin the process of cultivating their intelligence types and reaching cultivation.  Some many even choose to begin the cultivation stage and then stopping it at the desired level that they deem fit for them, while other stop cultivating when they reach the perceived level of intelligence that the group they feel most apart of is at.  All of this simply means that we as individual chooses our own level of intelligence and no test or definition should ever decide this for us.  A smart person uses their intelligence level to make better their lives and existence but a wise person always seek to elevate their lives and existence by seeking cultivation.


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