All Human Beings have a Super Power

Every single human being regardless of where, when and to whom we are born, possess a God-given super power.  While this super power is evident and dwells within us all in the same exact and identical manner, it is the honing, the harnessing and the mastery of it that allows us to shape and know when to exert this power.  We and we alone control this super power because it is a part of us, a vital part of the very essence and spirit of who we are.  While others possess this same power they will come to realize that they cannot control, manipulate or direct the power of others.  This failure to control, manipulate and direct other’s power appears to be one of the main causes behind the frustration and the anger which comes when we finally are forced to accept it. 

This super power encompasses every aspect of our lives from the simple and mundane tasks to monumental discoveries and enormous achievements.  This super power is sculptured by the knowledge we obtain as we live, breathe and grow.  With each attainment of new knowledge, we fortify this super power and make it stronger thereby making us stronger.  In other words, the more we know, the stronger we grow.  History has already proven that increasing this super power can be easily gained by the lessons of the past, books and of course education but let’s not make a mistake here and think that these are the only ways.  There is one more direct  and proven route to reach that higher level of understanding of this super power making one person more formidable than the next.  Some believe that true mastery of our individual super power depends upon a written word, some think tank, and Ivy League school or based on who your parents are, where you are from or where you currently live but that is not the case.  True mastery of how to control and exercise our individual super power comes directly from one source and that is the knowledge we learn when learning about ourselves.  The more we know, the stronger we grow.

Many of you exercise this super power each and every day, often times not even realizing it.  The super power that I speak of is desire.  If you desire something, you can achieve it and receive it and the more you know about yourself, the sharper that level of desire becomes and the accomplishments that stem from that particular level will astonish and amaze you but like all super powers this power does have one draw-back.  The draw-back is the results of that desire.  We can choose to use our super power when and where ever we choose but along with that choice comes the responsibility of the results.  In other words, “with great power comes great responsibility”.


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