The Demonization of a Nation

Since the beginning of time, man has always separated themselves into categories.  These categories were defined by those making the separation and seemed to always amount to them placing the group to which they belonged as higher than all the rest.  This idea is borne out by history beginning with the mentions within the Old Testament of the Bible about the Pharisees and Sadducees as those with whom God only speaks and the words or rules that they expound should never be questioned and seen as coming directly from God.  It is borne out by even Moses writing within the Bible that only those from the tribe of Levitt can be called as priests and it continued  with the Native Americans, the slaves, the Irish, the Jews, women and so many more groups of people not viewed as equal.  This kind of thinking still remains prevalent today and has even been documented and made true by our past, present and current history books.

This idea allows evil to make us think that the rules they have made fits all the same and only after any person from the sub-class of humans achieve great things by those rules do the rules now become more and more fluent.  A rule is passed called a speed limit but what makes this rule so fluent is the option of those law enforcement officials of who to pull over and issue a ticket, who gets pulled over an issued a warning and who gets pulled over an later arrested.  This is not what any reasonable person could even consider a level playing field.  Another, more encompassing rule that proves this, is the Criminal Identification Act which makes no distinction between a "good" or "bad" arrest.  This means that whether you were arrested legally or not any arrest will appear upon your record and this fact often has a devastating effect upon any future that person may have had.  Many employers will check your background and criminal history before offering you a job and because once you are arrested you have a criminal record, that arrest appears and can be a legitimate reason for employment denial.  The same can be said even if all you wish to do is rent a home or apply for a business license.  The Criminal Identification Act was enacted to provide a level playing field and help to provide societal protection but it fails to protect those who endured a travesty of justice and was not the cause for this event to occur.

This idea has now spilled over into our local government and those in authority by the abuse suffered by majority of indigent or poor people from those in authority such as police officers, judges, public defenders and the over-all legal system.  It has also spilled over into our school system because in the rush to deter behavior of our school children, those in charge have decided to increase the number of suspensions and expulsions for different offenses.  These suspensions and expulsions, deter from a child’s recovery because now they have fallen behind the class, being mocked by those who are ahead and is not reminded by parents of just how special and important they and their education is.  This group or groups of people now begin to believe that they are only in school long enough to learn to read so that they could at least do so in jail.  Once this stigma takes root, removal of this is now a full-time position of which many do not have or do not wish to take the time to remove.  This entire phase of life is how an entire nation becomes demonized, ignored and dismissed, not because of what they did to themselves but what has been done to them by others.


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