You want to know what is really wrong with America, we are

For as long as I can remember, people are always trying to figure out and pretend to fix what is wrong with this country.  None has ever been successful nor will we ever be, simply because the thing wrong with America is us.  We will never be successful because we lack the drive determination and balls to fix that one entity that can make all our problems disappear and our entire suffering end.  We lack the intestinal fortitude to fix ourselves.

We eat the same things, we dress the same way, we go to the same places and then we wonder why nothing much changes in our lives.  Many move to a different city, buy a different kind of car, find a different set of friends but we still can’t understand why we seem stuck in the same rut.  It is because we do not wish to bother with the one change, if made, that would make these other changes irrelevant. 

We change our hairstyles, we change our demeanor, we change our clothing, we change our over-all look and we still wonder why that one thing that’s most important to the peace and well-being of any human being never changes.  It never changes because we make no changes to who we are, who we see when we look into a mirror or who we wish to become.  How much cleaner can your home be on the inside if all we care about is how our house looks on the outside?

We cherish others who cherish us and we applaud others who accomplish what we wish to accomplish, as if our only way to truly live is through other people.  We cast upon others any discouragement we find within ourselves.  Our hatred for another person or group has very little to do with that person or group but everything thing to do with that hatred of ourselves.  We don’t care for the way someone prays, not because it is wrong, simply because it is not the way we pray.  We don’t care for the way another dress, not because it is wrong, simply because it is not the way we dress.  We don’t care for the way others make decisions, not because they are wrong, simply because it is not the way we make decisions.

We claim to be living in a Christian nation yet we applaud anyone who demonizes, demeans and belittle those with whom we differ from.  We claim to live in a Christian nation but we turn our backs on, completely ignore and try to forget about those who struggle to survive on a daily basis or look down our noses at anyone who does not live as we do.  We claim to live in a Christian nation but we refuse to set the right example for our children or those who look to us for leadership to follow.  We claim to live in a Christian nation but openly celebrate those who lie, cheat, steal and commit more sin than those we claim does.  We claim to live in a Christian nation but we are never satisfied with allowing each individual person to live their own lives, make their own decisions and choose their own paths to walk because we think our way is the only right way and those who think differently are our enemy.  They are not the enemy of you, you are the enemy of you but why face that fact when it has become easier to blame your faults, your shortcomings, your failures on someone else instead of taking ownership.

No people, there is nothing really wrong with America except the people who inhabits her.  No person can be both a savior and an oppressor, you have to choose and when making that choice, you have to own every single minute of that existence.  Cease trying to find someone to blame for the direction that your life takes because when it comes to the direction your ship sails or how steady it takes life’s waves, the only real and true captain of that ship is you.  If we spent half as much time fixing ourselves as we spend trying to fix, control and manipulate others, our world would be exactly where we have dreamed it could be, our lives where it should be and our country where it must be.  Want to truly fix what is wrong with this country, begin first by fixing what is wrong with you. 


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